500 fans protest against Getafe’s planned ticket price hike

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The supporters of the Madrid-based club took to the roads as they voiced their disapproval of hike in ticket prices for the upcoming 2012/13 Spanish top flight season.
Nearly five hundred Getafe fans gathered at the doors of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez to protest against the pricing policy of the Madrid club. The protesters argued that the club have made the tickets too expensive to buy and will be unable to fill the stadium
in each league fixture.
Since the arriving in Spanish top flight domestic championship nine years ago, the southern Madrid club has seen its number of subscribers drop annually in its 9 years.
The club can accommodate a 16000 capacity crowd at the Coliseum but has seen the numbers dwindle from a high of 13000 to a low of 8000 recorded this year.
Cheapest season tickets for adults who are neither unemployed nor are pensioners can be gotten for 360 Euros; this includes all league and Copa del Rey fixtures.
Meanwhile, the unemployed, retirees, or those included in the category of youth and children, have to pay in the range of 215 and 320 Euros depending on the position of their seats in the field.
As a result of the latest price list that has irked the Azulones fans, a platform with the name of ‘Getafe for all’ has been set up. The said committee is made up of club members, fans and supporters of the club, through social networks and held a protest
demonstration that took place this later.
Almost five hundred people asked President Angel Torres for a reduction in the price of the games while chanting some hymns that can be heard on match days at the stadium.
Many chanted "Nangel Torres, loan shark!" or "NGetafe we ​​all!" several times during the concentration that lasted about an hour. It was headed by a sign that indicated the feelings of those present: "Club battered, empty field."
No one from the club greeted the fans but a statement was released. It pointed towards the obvious that Getafe have the lowest prices amongst all of La Liga teams and added that the club have restrained themselves from increasing prices in the last three
"Getafe have the lowest prices in the First division. We froze the prices for three years. It is nonsense. If protest is fashionable, footballers earn a lot. Instead of many tributes, lower yourself and pay the salary which would mean the fall in prices,"
he said.
These explanations seem to have satisfied the fans who want a meeting with the president preferably on the doors of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez.



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