Growing protest against ' rate hikes'

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Stop Uploads returned yesterday to block the Barcelona metro for over an hour. Convened at 50 stations and commuter trains stops Catalonia, the protest got upset over an hour for service lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 of the metro, causing the frequency was reduced passage of convoys and traffic was cut in some suburban sections.

" This is nothing, wait what will in the Mobiel World Congress," explained one of the members of the platform several passengers. Stop Rises, after eight weeks of protests has set a goal to "stop all [public transport ]" from 24 to 27 February, days when the Mobile World Congress is held.

With this measure, the platform aims to provide a leap in their protest against the rise of up to 8% of the price of public transport. I could enlist the help of unions and workers. " All citizens must cope with this increase in transport " reported CGT, UGT, IAC, COS and Cobas. Without ensuring that they will call a strike day on which the fair is held, unions have warned that held " rallies and protests " to alter the service. The mayor, Xavier Trias, said yesterday: " They take care not to endanger certain events. The stakes are too. We must demonstrate that we are serious. "

Born in late December in Nou Barris, one of the districts most affected by the crisis, the platform has been extended. First Barcelona, then to several cities in the periphery affected by the rise of public transport.

In just a month and a half, complaining of the platform have gained in forcefulness and social support. Of the three concentrations that were held in late December it has gone to 50 yesterday. Informative to stop Barcelona Metro talks. "It's normal for people to unfold. Unable to upload public transport to people suffering the crisis, " Pau explained yesterday Sotelo spokesman platform.

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