2010 Dubai world cup tips

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2010 Dubai world cup tips. Any tips on who will win the dubai world cup and where should i put my money?




  1. I have no idea about World Cup, but bet on PAN RIVER at Sheema Classics, he is very lucky.

  2. Thats what i'm worried about the "synthetic surface", which in my book makes Breeder’s Cup runner Twice Over a better option. any thouhts?

  3. Haven’t studied the race that closely yet but Vision D’Etat has shown all his best form over 10 furlongs - although is untried on a synthetic surface.

  4. Twice Over didn't do too well in the US but i think Gitano Hernando is a better bet. Price on him already moved with the bookies and with the betting exchanges. Dubai world cup is a big race and Hernando has the experience to do it.

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