2010 Dubai World Cup, Dubai Horse Racing Carnival at Meydan Racecourse

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2010 Dubai World Cup, Dubai Horse Racing Carnival at Meydan Racecourse .  
When some of the world’s richest men want to play the ponies, they don’t go to the race track; rather, they bring the race track home to themselves. When it comes to some of the highest rollers wanting to bet on the pinnacle of horse racing, where else in the world than Dubai would you find purses large enough to entice the best stables in the world to bring the best horses in the world together to compete. It’s the beginning of the year that highlights the race calendar in the United Arab Emirates capital, with the Dubai Carnival taking the horse racing spotlight. Taking place from January 28 to March 5, 2010 at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse, the Dubai Carnival’s two months of horse racing culminates on March 27, 2010 with the world’s riches race day of the year, as horses from around the globe compete for the $10,000,000 purse at the Dubai World Cup.

2010 Programme

Races at the Dubai Carnival run at the Meydan Racecourse every Thursday from the end of January through to the beginning of March, with both Friday February 5 and Friday March 5 thrown in for good measure. With purses ranging from $50,000 for 3-year-old trials to up to $250,000 for the featured events every day, every jockey will want to be in the Winner’s Circle, the competition adding to the race day excitement. The horses will run on both turf and dirt tracks with the majority of distances being between 6 and 9 furlongs. The 2010 Dubai Carnival offers up a wide variety of horse racing for spectators and bettors to enjoy.

2010 Dubai World Cup

Seen as the culmination of over a month’s worth of horse racing, the Dubai World Cup on March 27, 2010 will be the place to see and be seen for people who move in horse racing circles. The Dubai World Cup is an event in itself, with the smallest purse of the day being a paltry $1,000,000 when compared to the $10,000,000 on offer for the main race. These figures will pale in comparison to the millions that are won and lost on race day betting.

Race Course Amenities

From the beginning of the Dubai Carnival until its end at the Dubai World Cup, it will be hard to find an extra ticket to the 60,000 Meydan Racecourse. The Meydan Racecourse offers world class amenities for both spectators and the horses. The horses will enjoy racing on either the 2,400m turf course or the 1,750m all weather track, while some of the world’s wealthiest gamblers cheer on from the world’s first five-star trackside hotel or from their sumptuous Meydan Racecourse suite. No expense has been spared in creating a horse racing environment that is the envy of tracks around the globe.

2010 Favourites

With at least seven races to bet on every race day during the Dubai Carnival, it would be mind numbing to list all of the favourites. Those in the know will head to their favourite odds maker website or consult their inside information on race day. When it comes to the big day on March 27, 2010, it’s no different, with each owner entering their horse with the intentions of winning. Even though everyone races to win, there are always a couple of horses who have a better chance than others. As for the 2010 Dubai World Cup, remember names such as Gio Ponti, Vision Detat, Twice Over and Presvis; as these four horses are all listed at 10 to 1 or better to end up in the Winner’s Circle. If you are going to lay some money down on the Dubai World Cup, or any of the other Dubai Carnival races, do your own homework, however, as your bet is your decision with your cash.

If you want the best, then you have to offer the best, and that’s exactly what the Dubai Racing Club has done with the Dubai Carnival and its new Meydan Racecourse. From offering the most prize money to attract the best horses to providing world-class accommodations and amenities, the organizers of the Dubai Carnival have thought of it all. If you’re lucky enough to be in Dubai on a Thursday from late January to early March, why not head out to the Meydan Racecourse to check out the best race track money can offer, as well as try your luck by putting a few coins down on the horses. Even if your horse doesn’t come in, you’ll still feel like a winner for having had the horse racing experience of a lifetime.



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