Why does Drake Bell hate Justin Bieber?

by Perfectionist  |  6 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Do they have history in the past to why celebrity Drake Bell does not like Justin Bieber?

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  1. Drake Bell hate Justin Bieber because some people just don't understand what it takes to become successful.  Drake reminds me of the people who look at the world and just hate why someone is smiling, happy or successful.  He wants two minute of limelight and that is exactly what he is getting.  He will be forgotten before the month turns and Justin will always be Justin.

    Drake Bell please get a life and do something useful with yourself.  If this is your way to be famous, for today it worked.  Please smarten up tomorrow and apologize to Justin.


  2.  He is trying to get the attention of Justin Bieber fans, so he can get more fans by keep trending on Twitter every time he spreads his hate.

    He recently tweeted that Justin was "talentless" yet his making millions? dumb!


  3. He doesn't like him because he is JELOUS of his success! There is no other reason, they don't have anything personal going between them.

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