What can chronic stress do to you

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What can chronic stress do to you? My stress level is reaching the outer limit of my capacity. It is now visible to others around me and i am not happy. It is making me a different person and i would like to be me again. Any help would be great.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    Lots of employees are uncomfortable in the work because of ”bad atmosphere" in the organization that employs them.

    Proof of this is the general malaise in our society, it is due to how we relate to our work circumstances in part. Millions of employees suffer from stress, according to a survey by the University of Ottawa in Canada. In fact, more and more doctors claim to work more than 10 hours a day is detrimental to our physical and emotional health consequences. The truth is that chronic stress can lead to anxiety attacks, angina and even heart attacks.

    According to the same survey, nearly four million employees suffer” burnout worker syndrome." And this feeling is characterized by a constant feeling of fatigue, frustration and moodiness, signs that in some cases show that the function is performed without purpose and meaning. Thus, people burned are those who have reached saturation discomfort, completely exhausted their enthusiasm and energy reservoir. Literally” they can no longer do any good for themselves and their employer.

    Chronic stress is what is causing you to act and behave different with people around you.  I am assuming your stress is related to work but even if there is bad atmosphere at home, it will do the same thing to you.  


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