Is there a Japanese symbol for koi,as in strenght in adversity,as opposed to love?As in a word,not the Fish.?

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There is a legend,whereby if a carp can swim to the top of a waterfall,it will become a dragon;thus symbolizing strenght in adversity.I want to get a tatto depicting this-the normal custom is to get a carp tattoed,but as a first-timer,this is too much.I want a word(in Japanese)that would symbolize this legend.Would this 鯉 work,or merely translate as carp?

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  1. ”恋”<koi> means very narrow and personal meanings of love.

    "愛”<ai> means very vast love expressions can use both everything and personal also.

    "鯉”<koi,same pronunciation as ”恋”> means just a fish. It is called " carp".  

  2. 恋 (koi) = love / tender passion

  3. 鯉 = fish

    恋 = love

    There are MANY other homonyms "koi" in Japanese, but none of them have anything to do with "strength in adversity".  It's just that the fish is a SYMBOL of such.  

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