If an earthquake hits, like the 1 on fri would ins pay under natural disasters or do u have to have quake ins?

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If you live in an area that doesn't normally have earthquakes and one happens, wouldn't that be covered under natural disasters? How would you know to get quake insurance if it never happens? Althrough knowing one is likely now, I bet many will be. What if the past earth quake caused damage, would it be covered under natural disasters?




  1. Earthquake is excluded. Coverage can be added by endorsement in most states.

  2. ok this depends on the insurace coverage with my grandma who lived in NC where there was no fault line and no expected earthquake she was covered when one happened.. and it also depends on the damage if your house get floded by the earthquake your scrwed etc...the best thing to do is to ask your insurance agent andif not thir are some differnt people who will cover some one so you can shop around

    -hope this helps you out

  3. I've never seen a policy that covers "natural disasters".  

    Policies are written two different ways:  either they cover ONLY the things listed, or they cover EVERYTHING, except the things excluded.  For the second, the most common type of homeowners, EARTHQUAKE is a standard exclusion, regardless of where you live.

    In a low hazard area, you can usually add earthquake coverage back on to the policy.  In a high hazard area (like CA), you'll have to buy a seperate policy to cover it.  

    Obviously, the whole point of insurance, is you have to decide BEFORE something happens, if you want to be covered for it.  Otherwise, you couldn't get odds on it!  Kinda like, you have to buy the lottery ticket BEFORE the drawing.

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