Is it possible to register a car in PA w/ ins in NY

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I am in the middle of a custody battle for my car - my husband believes he needs his and mine. I will soon be moving to PA and will be buying another car and would like to register it in PA. (one plus is taxes are cheaper there) but since I already have ins in NY, it would be cheaper to add a 2nd car. Is this possible to do, register the car in one state while keeping my ins in another?




  1. A vehicle must be insured in the State it is registered in.  

  2. No, you cannot have NY ins on a PA car.  Out of curiosity, was your car in your name?  Is the insurance in your name?  If either question is yes then turn the plates into the DMV until the dispute is settled.  I'm overstepping here but I wouldn't let my STOBEX (soon to be ex) drive my car or on my insurance when they were being such a s*****k.  Is his car on the same policy?  Good luck.

    P.S.  Check with your insurer, maybe they can set you up with a PA agency to make the transition smoother, I'm sure they want to keep you as a customer.

  3. if you are living in pa, register it in pa and get pa insurance.

    why will you have a car in nyc if you do not live there?

    isn't pa cheaper for insurance too?

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