Is it normal to teenager wear diapers?

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  1. Guest59445

     I am a 17 year old guy with a 16 sister and she has gone to a few slumber parties where all the girls brought diapers to wear! When i asked her why they do that,she told me its a girl thing and that they like to be cute and babyish.Sis also wears a diaper and plastic pants for easter and christmas to be little girlish.

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  3. Guest58847

     Yes,i am a girl 16,and go to lots of slumber parties and there are always some girls who bring a diaper or two to wear for the party and to sleep in.I myself have worn diapers at a few slumber parties and most of the girls also wore them as well. Most of us girls wear them to be cute and others wear them incase they wet.A friend of mine had a slumber party back in june and she required all of the girls to bring a diaper to wear and she provided adult size plastic pants for all of us to wear,so we all had plastic pants on over our diapers.We all looked like babies for the party!

  4. Guest58775

     I am a catholic teen girl and for confirmation at 16,we have to wear a white,poofy,short sleeve dress with a veil,white tights and white mary jane shoes.It is a tradition for us to symbolize the purity of when we were baptized as babies,by wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants under our tights with a tee shirt as our top.So yes it is normal for us girls to diapers for our confirmation!

  5. Guest58564

    As a teen guy,my buddies and i have crashed a few teen girls slumber parties where all of the girls were wearing diapers and they all looked cute and babyish.We asked them why they were wearing the diapers and they told us its a girl thing and that they like to be cute and babyish around other girls. 

  6. Guest33128

     it is quite normal for teen girls to wear diapers more than it is for teen boys.

  7. Guest11028

     One of my best friends,breanna,who is 15 was a bridesmaid in her brothers wedding last saturday and i helped her mom dress her and her mom and i pinned a cloth diaper on her then she put on a pair of adult size babyprint plastic panties over it.she wanted to be cute and wear the diaper and plastic panties under her dress.Towards the end of the wedding dance,she snuck off with a hot guy and i caught them in a dimly lit room kissing and she had her dress off and was just wearing her bra and the diaper and plastic panties.

  8.  I have found it just the opposite,i have seen more girls wearing diapers than boys.I have heard of teen girls having diaper slumber parties,wearing them for weddings,out on dates,under their white poofy dresses for baptisms,first communions and confirmation.from what i have been told they wear them to be cute and to symbolize their purity and innocence of when they were babies.

  9. I know 3 teen guys  who like diapers.  They also are diapered when playing video games and when out in the winter and have on winter snow suites when sking and and on snowmobiles.

    They even hang around their house wearing just diapers and T shirts, sometimes they are diapered in school. They love them and don't care who knows.

  10. It is more and more common.  Don't know why. Some boys admit to diapers when playing video games. And some just like the feel and looks.  Many think it is strange but each to their own.

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