Can Marissa Mayer take Yahoo back to the glory days

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Can Marissa Mayer take Yahoo back to the glory days?

Fifteen years is an eternity in Internet, Yahoo survived the dotcom bubble but can Marissa Mayer 's arrival a year ago put Yahoo into orbit to one of the most recognized dotcom again? She is doing something right, The first notice I got in the summer when traffic exceeded Google contents in America.

Yahoo’s commitment is to create an entry site with everything of interest to the user at a glance: time, share prices , the most interesting news and include they already know you like based on your usage.

Mayer’s is on a mission, After purchasing Tumblr, the blogging platform preferred by young people , the next service that becomes important is Flickr, the largest store dedicated to photography online. Marissa Mayer brought Bernardo Hernandez , who left Google to take flickers to the next level. It was one of the first of the so-called Web 2.0, where user created content, and premiered share options and restrict access based on the proximity of contacts.

What we are seeing is, 2013 is the year of change. 2014 will be the real revolution is what Marissa Mayer is hoping.

The management expects to Spain soon bring one of the developments announced in the U.S. , self print books with a selection of photos for a price of 30 euros. Flickr provides , by default, a terabyte of space to store content. " We always emphasize that it is the original of each user. Our ecosystem where intellectual property is respected , "he explained .

Marissa Mayer also brought speed to Yahoo, it is happy to make faster arrangements, which before was very difficult and time consuming. It took months , almost years to close contracts. In just three months we have Facebook , Twitter and Apple as companions . Why compete when you can work together? It is no coincidence that the default application for sharing photos in iOS 7 is Flickr and use the meteorological data of Yahoo.

Can Marissa Mayer really take back to glory days? Only time will tell but she is taking steps in the right direction and by end of 2014, Yahoo will become bigger than Google. Please share your thoughts if you disagree.

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