Auto Accident dealing with ins?

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Ok I was rear ended last week and have muslce damage and whiplash. My daughter was also in the car and was sore but seems ok now. Her ins called me friday and the police report has not been released. Everyone is telling me to get a lawyer. I have never been in anything like this. I want my car fixed and med ical paid thats it. What should I expect the ins to offer?




  1. only talk to the insurance agent... and the police have a case number  you refer to this and submit all to the insurance company.. in jersey there is no falt and your company pays you.. insurance companys in accidents try to say some of the falt was yours. a percentage.. and they take that percentage from a settilement.... dont settile unless you have gotten therapy.. your daughter says she is fine.. what if you settle and a month later there is disclosed damged to the neck.. or something  psysogilocal. and cant sleep. ok

  2. You should use your own insurance company for advice and representation.  Do everything through your insurance company.

  3. Really depends what state you are in and this can make a big difference. As long as you had insurance and were not in MI, the other carrier can pay for your property damage. Ad far as the medical bills go, depending on the state your in either the other person's carrier will address them or your own carrier will.

  4. Once the insurance company confirms their person is responsible for your damage and injuries they will be in a position to pay you.

    They will inspect your vehicle and settle up with you for that. They will pay for a rental car while yours is in the shop.

    As far as the injury goes - they will make an offer when you are ready. In exchange for the settlement - they have you sign a paper that ends the claim once and for all.

    If your daughters claim is ready to settle - they can do that now. And then do yours when you are ready.

    As far as people telling you to get a lawyer -- they are ignorant.

    A soft tissue claim (which is what a sprain strain is) is not a big claim. The insurance company will pay what the claim is worth either way. All getting a lawyer does -- is mean that you will give the lawyer 1/3 (33%) of any settlement you get.  If you want to give some lawyer 33% of your money -- knock yourself out.  You hired the lawyer - it's your job to pay him. The insurance company does not add 33% just so you can pocket the same amount of money.

    Here's what I recommend---work directly with the insurance company. You will probably end up with more money and the process goes faster (one less person involved). If, for some reason, you get tired of dealing with the adjuster -- then go hire a lawyer and give him a huge chunk of your money.

    But the process is the same - regardless if you have a lawyer.

    Only thing that changes is who the adjuster talks to.

  5. If you want to throw money out the window, sure get an attorney.  However, the adjuster will be fair and reasonable.  You will be reimbursed for the damage to your vehicle, and they will offer a rental while the vehicle is being repaired.

    Regarding your injuries, your medical bills will be paid once you have completed your treatment.  If in fact you are tort eligible(I think GA is has a verbal threshold), you may be entitled to a small "pain and suffering" settlement which will be evaluated based on your injury, disability and treatment.

  6. The insurance company should pay for all repairs to your car and all medical bills for both you and your Daughter.If they jerk you around get a lawyer.

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