where is the limit of my performance?

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hi people, I will complete my high school graduation in a year and am pretty bad so far and I messed up the notes, which include the abi pure (about 25%). I certainly have never really effectively learned and homework done so do not know is women power limit and what's in it for me who I would learn a lot.
has anyone experiences that he / she or known in spite of poor qualification phase have provided a top abi? so, how and whom you have tips?
lg! :)

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  1. FOS is a normal high school, where you can make the compartment ABI or 'normal' ABI.In the first year of a part is practical and the other theory, i.e. you are a few week in a work place and doing an internship there and you're the rest of the school. From the second year onwards you have then normal Unterricht.Es are different disciplines, art, design, you need to pass only an exam welfare and Wirtschaft.Teils for this to be included and sometimes you can sign up easily.You have ordinary subjects and just one main compartment which specialised in the subject.

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