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  1. Recently, Indian Distance Education Association (IDEA) had organised an international conference to bring teachers and researchers together to discuss the scenario of distance education in India. Students and Researchers from more than six countries including, Canada, France, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in this event. The conference also formulated to develop plans and strategies to improve open and distance learning in India.

    There are 106 distance education attached to conventional universities, 16 open universities, and this field has increased at the rate of 22 per cent.

    Murli Manoharlal, Secretary General, IDEA, said: “ODL should make learning simple and interesting, so those who miss the opportunity can utilise it”

    Manoharlal said, we are lagging behind in the development of open universities as per as international standards.

    UNESCO, an international arm for education and learning of United Nations (UN) has developed a programme that helps institutions to have their own radio stations and cable TV medium, he added

    UNESCO has approved the policy document from ODL in India. Idea helps to submit paper of pen distance learning (ODL) to submit development proposal to UNESCO, he elaborated.

    There is no much difference between developed countries and India in case of distance learning, he stressed.

  2. Distance education brings together students and teachers separated by geographical distance.  Many distance education programs operate online, allowing quality student-teacher interaction through live forums, chat, and e-mail.

    Since online gives  people the flexibility to continue working,  while continuing on with their educations.. In this competitive environment advancing your career has become more and more difficult. In that competitive environment online education providing platform to enhance your skills.
    Distance Education offers a wide range of online accredited degrees, includin g online MBA’s, teaching certification, and Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in everything from a network management degree to online criminal justice degrees.

    Why Distance Education?

    Learn on your time.  Online education allows you to study when you have time—from early morning to late at night.
    No long commute.  Your classroom is as close as your living room or home office.
    Keep your job; take care of your family.  You don’t have to give up important responsibilities to pursue an online education.
    Learn where you live.  No need to relocate in pursuit of your online degree.
    Save money. You’ll save on room and board, college tuition, classroom supplies, transportation costs, and more.
    Benefits of distance learning

    Distance learning technologies offer a myriad of benefits for education including convenience, flexibility, effectiveness, and efficiency.And more information click link

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