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  1. I have a framed shepard with sheep on mountian side in a storm.  Can you give me information on it?

  2. In Bonny Scotland - 1911

  3. I have a signed print od Leghorn Harbor by Bellini 1904. Do yo have any info on it?

  4. I have a print of Sheperdess and Sheep by Lerolle the number is 2103 Published by Taber Prang Art Company.  Can you give me any information on this picture.

  5. I have a print of two women walking ducks along a stream with a man in a boat on the water.  It is from Taber Prang Art Co.  1914 .  I think the painter was A.F.De Byennski or A. F. Di Brennski.  Can you give me any information on this picture.
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