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hey everyone :)

i am entering my senior year of high school in the fall, and ive already started applying for scholarships, since i dont want to be one of the many kids who realize midyear that they still have to. so im doing it over the summer, and focusing on school during school.

im not sure how to find the right ones to apply for, so i went to the library and went through a bunch of listings.

mostly essay scholarships, since my strength is writing.

my questions:

(yes theres more than one)

i am able to apply and recieve scholarships prior to completing the FAFSA, right?

what are the odds of winning a scholarship? both national and statewide


and im still kind of confused on the difference between a scholarship and a grant.

im doing my best to figure it all out, but its hard and some things i still dont understand.

any help will be greatly appreciated :)

thank you




  1. Some scholarships will award before completing the FAFSA because they are not need based scholarships. These scholarships are based on how well academically you have done and other strengths such as sports and leadership.

    Scholarships that are need based, requre that you fill out a FAFSA and may ask certain financial questions, among regular scholarship questions. These are awarded later in the year usually after you recieve your W2&#039;s.

    Scholarships locally are easiest to obtain. I would start with any throughout your school and county. Counties usually have County Foundation scholarships. State are then next best to have a chance for. National are most difficult, but you should never not try. There is a chance yours may stand out!

    Grants are usually given by the government and they are need based. Scholarships are given buy agencies and may or may not be need based. To recieve most grants, you must fill out the FAFSA.

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