saltwater crocodile vs great white shark

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  1. i think the croc would win as one expert said that GWs have weak skeletons and one bite from the croc can easily damage this skeleton. Humans killed by sharks tend to die due to large loss of blood which is not an issue to a croc. Although sharks are bulkier but crocs do compensate this by strength and aggressiveness.

  2. I agree that a salty crocodile most of the time in a given scenario with its behavior and the great whites behavior in the wild would win most of the time. The croc has a stronger bite force than the great white(yes the great white has more rows of teeth but doesn't mean anything with the way the mouth is designed), more armor, death roll, and is usually swimming in shallow to semi deep waters. Now if a great white were to get a running start from underneath the Croc in deep waters and attack the crocs belly then hands down Whitey would win maybe because big crocs that have live for a long time can handle wounds like this. The great white would probably finish it off after that blow unless the croc were to be in close range of shallower water and make it back, again depending on how bad he is injured. Pretty much though if the Great White can't get a long take off with his jaws open into a Crocs belly then hes got nothing. Then again even if these two amazing predators encountered each other I really don't think they would attack each other.

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