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Saturday. Rain People Bilbao. About two hours, Arantza Quiroga (Irun, Gipuzkoa, 1973) ago has received the final go-ahead to announce Genoa, with a certain amount of surprise, the extraordinary congress should ratify in March in front of the Basque PP. Sitting in her office with a brief lunch that brings you one of its employees, makes his first public thoughts on this conclave that she has been one of the major interested in promoting.

Question. Dan F. precipitation.

Response. You can still look it. Since I have been asking the Congress, perhaps he could have had dates, but when I have been given the OK now. We have European and there is no time to let it solved then change of pace.

P. Will the interim image was affecting his political role and proposals of PP?

R. I have not had at no time feeling of temporariness. It was an emergency or a problem for the party that had a congress. It was not that I felt interim, but needed the support, but because I believe in democracy and I think, if I'm president of an organization must be in an election of its members. That was very clear.

P. They speak of a conference to strengthen the project of the Basque PP. Do you have weaknesses?

R. No. It's a project that needs to live in the moment we are very different from two years ago and that of four years ago. This congress will strengthen our position and give us the opportunity to better explain to society.

P. It will address a proposal. Iñaki? Oyarzábal be its general secretary?

R. All that has to be seen. Not anticipate events.

P. They are trying to play a bridging role between central and Basque governments.

R. It is a misconception that the PP wants to play the role of bridge. Aspire to everything, not to be the go-between anyone. What we are claiming is leading the Government of Spain at a critical moment, that is the end of ETA, and we want to add to the Basque Government. Aspire to everything and to occupy a central role.

P. And what role should they play?

R. I have very clear which way we should go, it will be difficult and require a lot of perseverance and consistency. And this lead to I need to know I have all the cards in hand to move forward.

P. What cards would not?

R. We'll see. When Congress opens one has to do with what supports it. It's clear the project. Now I know if I have enough support to take it forward.

P. Want to have your hands free to do your project?

R. I want hands free for everything, in every way, when do teams...

P. Could these have internal resistors handsfree?

R. I do not know, because I have not yet proposed.

P. The two acts for the victims of Thursday left a trail of confrontation and tension.

R. Some think that the act in the cemetery is the first time it happens. I've spent years attending and this tension is evident since 2008. We knew we were going to the same thing: to get there and there was tension, but we do it for Gregorio OrdÃ_ñez. I'm so glad we made the act then I gather the party and have claimed something as simple as our lives, what we have experienced. It is a time when some make you look like you have not lived what they have lived arrives.

P. He spoke of " petty and miserable " who question the trajectory of the Basque PP. Name them.

R. I will not give names.

P. Many of the victims who now harshly criticize the government and the Basque PP are the same as they said nothing when approached Mayor Oreja ETA prisoners to the Basque Country.

R. I'd have to look at newspaper archives. I do not know what they were victims, but what was in the Basque PP. It was an absolute loyalty. And we were here. This morning [ Friday ], recalling the picture of the cemetery, I thought, all that were really Consuelo [ Ordonez ] had return ticket to Madrid. We are the ones who are here. We have been and where we are.

P. Talk about loyalty. Is the missing sectors of his party?

R. Do not look at what others are doing. I know what you 've done as PP the same people for 10, 15 years ago when we were here killing. And what we are doing now. The rest, everyone will know what you are doing and why. But it's so great irresponsibility. It is trying to scupper many people struggle against terrorism. Now we are seeing the end of ETA, which achieved absolutely nothing, should all democrats repeating what we have achieved. I 'm everything you can rebel against letting him lead the nationalist left.

P. Do you trust Urkullu for managing the end of ETA?

R. I hope you can read and understand the time, because if not also to the wave it absolutely can happen. Rather than blame the weather, is the time of leadership.

P. Commitment to greater harmony with the PNV. Is knowing that suffers secretly made ​​proposals Sortu?

R. Clearly. Loyalty is very important.

P. Have you received explanations of the Basque President?

R. Yet.

P. Should we pressure the PNV or promoting harmony with him?

R. You have to make him understand that the time is not to be with the income statement shows how many votes the end of ETA. I hope you understand.

P. Branches of his party thought it would be much harder and demanding with the PNV.

R. I'm being very picky.

P. When Rajoy will meet with the President, an appointment that the Basque Government urges?

R. I do not know.

P. What do you expect out of that meeting?

R. I worry that in the end the lehendakari go with the list of complaints ETA prisoners and prison policy, as if that was paramount, and forget the most important thing right now: the final dissolution of ETA. That's the priority.

P. The PNV will not stop asking another prison policy and gestures that Rajoy has said he does not think do.

R. Will not understand that institutions now require high-mindedness. And understand that democracy has won, we should be able to lay the final groundwork for never happen again what we have experienced.

P. Jorge Fernández DÃ_az? 's Interior Minister right to manage the end of ETA?

R. Yes.

P. Do you think the whole game you think so?

R. I do not know what the other party thinks. Minister meets its obligations and what the government claims is more political.

P. Javier de Andrés COUNTRY told in December that counseling Security is being tolerant of street violence and the nationalist left. What do you think?

R. The perception that we always have, perhaps because they give us reason to think it has been that. But again, more than time reproach, and certainly have many reasons for this, it is the time of high-mindedness. With the PNV we are confronting and will confront because we have different projects. It seems that if you come to terms with the PNV are not being firm or want to be the alternative. We have reached agreements and budget that does not mean we do not confront.

P. Mayor Oreja? Should again be top of the list in the European elections?

R. That decision rests with the president of my party.

P. Dara? Freedom of their parliamentary vote when the House debated a proposal Vitoria UPyD criticizing the bill 's abortion?

R. I can not force a parliamentary vote in one direction. I would like a decision was taken and that was respected by the group.

P. There are reviews of the law among their peers that clearly differ from yours.

R. As in many things. The abortion is a very sensitive issue and we each have our nuances. We need to know more naturally resolve.

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