quarter final draw for wimbledon derby

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The draw has been done for the Greyhound Derby quarter finals!
Does anybody have it please :




  1. These are held on Tuesady night at Wimbledon, with the semis mext Saturday night.

    1st Quarter Final

    1 Glenard Sunrise
    2 Eye Onthe Tempo
    3 Oran Classic
    4 Moneygall Obama
    5 Mesedo Blue(m)
    6 Westmead Scolari

    2nd Quarter Final

    1 Kerrs Destiny
    2 Headit On Ellis
    3 Romeo Reason
    4 Slick Robert(m)
    5 Barefoot Bullet(w)
    6 Gilbeyhall Jake(w)

    3rd Quarter Final

    1 Rainham Giles
    2 Roo Come On
    3 Krugninetyfive
    4 Cloheena Cash
    5 Adageo(w)
    6 Toomaline Jack(w)

    4th Quarter Final

    1 Lyreen Mover
    2 Bandicoot Tipoki
    3 Tranquil Time
    4 Sevenheads Bay
    5 Tyrur Speedy
    6 Farloe Skywalker(

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