need some tips! I want to take off!

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HI :)So I would like to lose weight 5 kg in 4 weeks... Can you give me please a few weight loss tips.! And I want my belly to be thinner and firmer! Can you tell me a few fitness tricks for belly, and breast! Thank you!

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  1. Tina Marshal

    It is all about calorie counting.   Eat less than you burn and you will lose weight including a slimmer stomach, eat more than what you burn and you will gain weight.  Beside calorie counting, try doing some exercise like running or swimming.  

  2. Ohhh the problem that I also currently have.To generally do not take to you must sure on the calories that you take daily to friends. Golden rule: take only the amount of calories for you, that you need or that you will also burn.And as you probably know: esse always fresh, fruits and vegetables, lots of Greens, whole grain products (holds even more fed up) and don't need the best sugar and sweets (is by far the hardest challenge).Otherwise, you need movement. Your body must start to burn fat and that goes through only... clearly, sports. But you also had that before.You can not disassemble in specific places (unfortunately). You must make sport, especially jogging, swimming or even dancing; just do the sports in which you will burn the most calories. That is to say: BEEEEEWEEEEEGUUUNG! Move your body - and soo... so you understand.You can build muscle but targeted at the points where you want it too.There are muscles, legs, Po, etc there are lots of exercises for the muscle building. All on counting... that would be too much and I think the characters would not be sufficient. But look on YouTube, there's plenty. I hope I could give you a little help, which I rather doubt, because you knew before that most of what is here.So, then vierl success and above all fun!

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