dating a non virgin when i am

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  1. well she is not a s**t. She did something that she didn't think very much of and in her mind probably dosn't matter. Thats how it is with my boyfriend. He ignores what he did once. Every day it eats at me more and more.
    Him and I have been dating for 2 years and I care about him very much. But I always have the thought in my mind to break up with him because he has never rejected the mistake he made before. repented, you know. To God and to me.
    Recently he's been talking about a serious relationship for the two of us. I have told him that it will have to wait, but not why. What he did is a HUGE part of it. I need to tell him that, and I'm very afraid of loosing him, because he is convinced that he will never change.
    In my mind, if he wants to be with me, like he says, then he will have to do that, repent. then I will be able to do what he wants me to do - love him.

    You can have a relationship with her, but I can promise you, that it will always be on your mind. Whenever you two are close together you will never feel like the only one, and it will hurt you inside. She won't understand and it will put a strain on the relationship. If you are good at talking, then try that. I'm bad at talking so I've always had a mess when it came to this subject.

    Good luck to you =)
    I hope you are happy.
    God Bless.

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