cheat. What are the obvious signs of a cheater? Male and female?

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  1. Where i can found Proofs or Sign this Cheat Really Working?GuestBook!*How to change your Stardoll Email?Press > My Page > My Account > Account Settings > Change Email.*How to change your Stardoll Password?Press > My Page > My Account > Account Settings > Change Password.*What do you get from Employee code?It's Random.

  2. hacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. how long does it take to go throw?

  5. Hello.I'm Olivia1432 and I know, how to get Employee code. Check out Youtube. Write "Stardoll employee code".

    ****WARNING: Requirments needed to get employee code:

    1. Account MUST be 5 months or older. (This proves, that you deserve to be superstar, and you isn't new in stardoll.)

    2. You don't need to be superstar, you can be Non-SS.

    Now, how to get the EMPLOYEE CODE the cheats master? You need to do one or both STEPS.

    STEP 1. Change your email to ONE of these:


    This is all Stardoll Stuff emails.

    If one of these four emails don't working, try another email, and it will work.

    After that, from your email adress like: Gmail, Yahoo and others write a private message to email that you changed your stardoll

    email to. Example: You changed your Stardoll email to "" then send that message to

    the same email "". What message you need to send? Here:

    "Hello dear, Keira(Camila,Sara or Lilly) I applying for Employee code. I readed rules, accept to Terms of use.

    And, i ready to proceed. Kindly, (YOUR STARDOLL nickname)

    HOW to change you Stardoll email? Press: My page, My account then Settings.

    And then Change email.

    STEP 2. Change your password to "Employee" and send your nickname to One of these Stardoll Stuff email.

    If one of these four emails don't working, try another email, and it will work.

    If you do Both STEPS you faster get Employee code. Enjoy!

    Note: Closely read All this Text, or the cheat could not work, and it's worth to spend some your time to get cheat like this!

    Also, i wanna that you now this: Stardoll Administrators NEVER HACK.


    And ONE more Cheat. This cheat is From ONLY.

    She did this cheat few days ago. She gave me Instructions how to get this cheat, and she said i need to Spread this cheat.

    This Cheat will work ONLY for 100 peoples! After 100 peoples use this cheat,it will Disapear.

    This cheat gets you free SCUBA DRESS. Proofs? Send an Email to Sara gmail and ask!

    And now, how to get SCUBA DRESS for free? Write a simple message:

    "Hello, Sara! I heard about Scuba Dress cheat. I would love to get the Scuba dress!

    My Stardoll Name is (Your Stardoll Nickname). Do you think i'm worth to get The Scuba dress?

    Please, send me all informacion and instructions. Kindly, (your stardoll nickname)"

    That's ALL! She will send you Instructions, and 100 people get Scuba dress for FREE.

    Also, i want to warn you. She Ansewers you, that you Deserve/don't deserve get scuba.

    If you Deserve - she will send you Instructions.

    If you don't Deserve - Try another your account if you have. ENJOY!


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