about marilyn monroe's death

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  1. 25 Nembutals only found from a bottle by her bed.  Assumed that "She" picked up from a pharamacy a few days before her death.  Although she had a "Housekeeper and nurse" employed.  Nothing in the room to help her shallow the pills.  No signs that it was her room.  No robe no clothing  No water in the bath.  It only had all the signs of a spare room in a home that was beigning decorated.  

    Timelines are important to any investagation.  Yes it appeared that her life was not at it's peak.  Ask where was she before she entered that room.  Murry said that she went to bed.  Did she walk into the room naked?  She was found with only bedsheets and a few handbags piled in a corner of the room.  Murry was doing laundry.  Shortly after Monroe's death photos were shown of her dog Mafi.  Where was her favorite pet that night?  Why wasn't the dog in her room?  If she was going to bed or planning to kill herself why wasn't the dog with her?

    To understand what happened that night you have to ask about the time before he supposily walked into that room.

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