Zubizarreta quiet over David Villa’s replacement

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Former Barcelona goalkeeper decides to stay quiet about signing a new striker following’s injury...
There have been rumours that the Spanish goal scoring machine, David Villa might leave Barcelona since has been involved in a brawl with a few players. Moreover, Josep Guardiola has not been giving David Villa a lot of first team opportunities.
The rumours have increased since the El Clasico as Guardiola chose to playánchez-c4979 over David Villa. The Chilean winger was able to score the equalizer and that simply shows that Guardiola has the perfect replacement for David Villa in the first team.
However, Guardiola and have claimed that all such rumours are untrue. Josep Guardiola has stated a number of times that he is confident about David Villa.
Barcelona recently faced Al Sadd in the semi final stage of the FIFA Club World Cup. Barcelona were able to win the UEFA Champions League last season and that is the reason why they were able to directly qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup semi final.
Barcelona won the game 4-0 but there was bad news for the Catalan coach, Josep Guardiola. Villa injured himself during the first half and later it was found out that he has broken his tibia.
Even though David Villa has not been very crucial for this season, there is no doubt that the Spaniard added depth to the Catalan squad. Josep Guardiola simply knew that Villa will eventually find his goal scoring form and that is exactly why he
kept on playing him in easier fixtures.
Villa started this game but he could not perform throughout the game since he injured himself.
Zubizarreta was asked whether Barcelona are going to look forward to buying a player to replace David Villa. The former goalkeeper said:
"Replacement for Villa? The most important thing now is the player's health, everything else comes after."
Villa has not been scoring goals for Barcelona but his injury has definitely come in as bad news for Guardiola. The Catalan coach will have to play Sanchez in most of the fixtures and only Pedro Rodriguez is the player who can replace any striker in the
first team.



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