Zat Knight glad for Bolton Wanderers opportunity, thanks Owen Coyle

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Zat Knight glad for Bolton Wanderers opportunity, thanks Owen Coyle
The 31-year-old Bolton Wanderers defender Zat Knight revealed he needed that little push to improve his form, which manager Owen Coyle had given him. The push came in the form of the player being dropped from the squad and had to wait until the weekend fixture
against Everton to make his first appearance since September.
It was because of the suspension of Wheater that Coyle was forced to bring on Knight for the clash against Everton, which Bolton Wanderers went on to lose 2-0. Knight revealed he was glad at the opportunity which had presented itself to him.
Knight said in an interview:
“I started the season maybe not as well as I should have done. The manager gave me a kick up the backside.
I felt I deserved it at the time but my training has picked up and I felt I deserved to play against”
The player agreed with Owen Coyle’s decision to bench him, because he had not been in the best of forms. However, he had improved since then and believed he needed a chance to prove himself in the first team, which he was getting because of Wheater’s absence.
While Knight admitted he was glad at the opportunity, he was not happy that his teammate had been suspended for three fixtures. He revealed he was making the most of the chance and hoped to make a positive impression on the manager.
He revealed:
“I'm not saying Gary (Cahill) or Wheats' had bad games. But I felt I had waited long enough. Sometimes someone else's misfortune is my gain.
I felt I did alright to a certain extent against Everton.”
Bolton Wanderers are currently in the bottom three of the English Premier League table and desperately need some points if they wish to make it past the relegation zone. Knight was confident his side could push forward if they improved their form.
Knight admitted:
“We have to find something and change something to get out of it. We have been very fortunate that when we have lost, teams around us have lost as well.”




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