Zambia's football crisis continues

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Zambia’s football crisis continues
The ongoing crisis at the Football Association of Zambia deepened as a number of officials and clubs called for the resignation of President Kalusha Bwalya.
The calls came after a number of high ranking football officials resigned from FAZ due to alleged difficulties with Bwalya’s style of leadership.
Three officials initially resigned from the organisation after they stated that Bwalya was not prepared to delegate power or give them an input in the decision making at the association.
Days later, the vice-president of FAZ left his post after he said that his position was untenable in the aftermath of the three officials’ remarks and resignations.
However, Bwalya is determined to hold on to the leadership and is refusing to back down after a number of clubs in Zambia suggested he should step down immediately.
He said, "The clubs should learn to respect the authority. We cannot be explaining issues of the constitution over and over. We are not running a kindergarten here."
Bwalya is adamant that he is the man to lead the organisation, despite over 100 clubs linked with FAZ signing a petition. 10 of the clubs play in Zambia’s top league.
Bwalya insisted, "People gave us a mandate and they should let us finish our term. Those who want to come into FAZ should wait for 2012."
Pressure is mounting on Bwalya and the spokesman for the Zambian clubs, James Mbazima said, “Due to the resignations of the three committee members and the vice-president, the current executive does not have a quorum to transact any business.”
A quorum of six members is needed from a committee of nine in order to take decisions, according to the FAZ constitution. The resignations left only five members of the committee.
Bwalya has insisted that the petition signed by the clubs is illegal as his chief executive has been an acting member of the committee since the resignations.



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