Wozniacki not feeling pressure as the US Open top seed

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Wozniacki not feeling pressure as the US Open top seed

Caroline Wozniacki isn’t feeling any pressure despite being the best top seed of U.S. Open this year. Although, this is her first time as the hot favorite, but still she is confident for a run to the final.
The 20-year-old Dane, who had earlier lost to Kim Clijster, will start her U.S. Open series today. Wozniacki took the place of No.1 Serena Williams who is sidelined due to a right foot injury. The world no.2 won last Monday’s rain-delayed WTA final at Montreal and also the New Haven WTA final on Saturday. She seems to be in full form and ready to win this year’s US Open.
"I don't feel like there’s any pressure," Wozniacki told reporters. "Pressure is when you are put on a spot and you don't feel like you belong there and also don't think you deserve to be there .I feel like I deserve to be where I am and I’m feeling comfortable”, she said. Wozniacki added, "Definitely, that would be a dream, to win a Grand Slam. That's the goal; it’s about playing well at the right moment, taking your chances and having a little bit of luck. Everything has to come together. To be the number one seed at a Grand Slam, that feels good. To win the matches I still have to play well. To win a Grand Slam I have to win seven matches and that's not easy."
Caroline Wozniacki is noted as a strong defensive puncher and usually wins many points by forcing opponent errors. Her terrific movements help her to run down so many balls. Her speed helps her to retrieve most of the balls hit by the opponent. Since last year, she has improved her game and has become more aggressive in scoring points. Her strong forehand helps her to effectively absorb the power of her opponent. She is also known for her backhand down the line. Her semi-western grips allow her to hit her shots with topspin. She could play well on all the surfaces.
Mental toughness is her weapon that brought her to the final of the U.S. Open last year and hopefully this toughness will take her to the U.S. Open this year as well. "I feel good. I'm in good shape. Definitely, I feel like I'm playing better and better. The last four weeks have been great for me. It's a positive problem to me if I have so many matches. It means I'm winning."
Wozniacki is not the same player as she was last year; boosting her confidence she can live up to her seeding. "It's hard to compare myself to how I was last year. My fitness level has definitely improved. I've gotten better little by little. More people are talking about my game but I'm still the same person. I still love playing tennis. Making the final here gave me a lot of confidence and belief I could do it. I kept working hard and getting better and hopefully I can do it again”, she stated.
The Dane has won ten career titles and was the runner up at U.S. Open 2009. She has won 14 of her last 15 matches and also two tournaments back to back this month. Her colleagues and fans are really expecting from her. According to Venus Williams, Wozniacki has really added power to her game and improved her moves this time. She has started playing smartly and shows a lot of maturity on the court. Wozniacki is an all- round player who can make anything happen on the court. Winning last week’s tournaments shows her mental capacity and her abilities, hopefully which will once again take her to U.S. Open finals 2010.



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