Wimbledon 2010: Brits are pampered too much says the Belgian, Kim Clijsters

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Wimbledon 2010: Brits are pampered too much says the Belgian, Kim Clijsters

Kim Antonie Lode Clijsters who is a former Number One player of Belgium has blamed the Brit players of being pampered too much, which has resulted in the lack of thrust to triumph on the most important occasions in tennis.

All the six contesters sacked out of the tournament in just the first round of the contest, thus setting up the crappiest ever record start of Britain however, it did not come as a shocker for Clijsters at all as according to her the British players during the very start of their career are provided with enormous luxuries which affects the level of improvement in their game.  

The seeded eight Clijsters who with her compatriot Justin Henin seized the women’s game by eruption, accused the young Britain slot to have given extra benefits than required which has resulted in a need of a greater inspiration if they really want to grab the major breakthrough.

Clijsters after her four years break in Wimbledon defeated Karolina Sprem in her yesterday’s match and jumped into the round number three of one of the four grand slam event. While commenting on her match after the victory, the Belgian tennis ace expressed her views about the poor performance from the Britain side. According to her, this is one question that has been asked from her over and over again during her every single tour to England more particularly at the time when she is along with her fellow tennis player Justin and going pretty well and she was already expecting it once again here at Wimbledon, the 27 years old women added.

Clijster replied by saying that there is no hidden fact behind it. However, the only reason that she finds behind this entire chaotic situation is the availability of excessive resources that the youngsters these days are enjoying. On the other hand, player like herself and Justin grew up without all these luxuries and thus give more importance to the match outcomes rather thinking materialistically. They got pampered in an entirely different manner under the guidance of some superb coaches who trained them through a proper system.

On the other hand, spoiling the youngsters during the initial stages of their career makes them feel as if no matter whether they win or not they will still survive and enjoy all the luxuries. This is the kind of thought that needs to be changed at the moment either by taming them through proper systems or cutting their facilities, or else it would be too late.

There is always a need of some kind of motivation factor to achieve something and according to Clijsters this is the area that needs to be considered carefully.

Although, the governing body of tennis in Great Britain, attains a total of £30m from the profits of Wimbledon on annual basis but the Belgian views that wealth does not guarantee victories. We have the most outstanding resources in our country but still we have failed to manufacture the outstanding players in the world of tennis, she added.

Majority of the senior tennis players did not have all these luxuries at their disposal at such a young age that actually worked wonders for them in building their character and focusing hard on their game.

However, this is not the only reason for their poor performance in the recent past. A lot of other factors have also contributed in further affecting their game including the system itself, the circle of the youngsters, their parents as well as the entire infrastructure of the game.  

In spite of the fact that a lot of important positions in the management have been given to the foreigners but even then the situation remains the same. Even currently, the player director of the governing body of tennis in Britain is Steve Martens who is a Belgian.

However, the captain of the Davis Cup, Leon Smith is still not satisfied with the facilities provided to the British players and blames it to be one of the reasons for their poor performance during the international tours.

Instead of pampering them more day by day, there is a high need to inculcate values in the British players like thrust, urge, competition and motivation in order to bring the British tennis back on top.



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