Will Wal-Mart hire convicted felons?

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Will Wal-Mart hire convicted felons?




  1. Try and find out.

    Good Luck.

  2. I am not sure but I think it depends on what the felon was for and how long ago. I would not lie on your app though because they will find out. Be honest and explain and that may help.

  3. Depends on the conviction and how long ago

  4. It usually depends on what kind of felony and how long ago, and how your felony applies to the job. If your applying for a job as a person who brings in carts, then a theft felony might not keep you from getting the job. If you have a felony theft, though, and you are applying for a cashier, they probably won't hire you.

  5. Im pretty sure they just like any other place and are kinda ify about who they hire but i believe they do....i think anybody can work at walmart!!....give it a try

  6. They do in England

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