Wii...$320 or a rip off?

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found a wii from a lady who is selling it for 320..includes one controller and the sports bundle game that a good price for a wii?




  1. Rip Off.

    The most recent Wii purchase I got was for my boyfriend-- $350.

    This included:

    Wii Console

    Wii Sports

    Wii Play

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Extra Nunchuk

    That means it came with 3 Games, 2 Controllers and 2 Nunchuks, all for the same price that this woman wants to sell you the Console, 1 Controller, and 1 Game (which, by the way, is the standard you can get with any system, base price; console, wii sports, controller).

    My advice: Become a regular at Costco, and check in periodically. I've gotten lucky there with Wiis twice.

  2. You can get them online for closer to the normal list price of $250, try a site like this:

    They compare prices from a bunch of different places online. Hope this helps.

  3. big rip off!!!

    a wii that costs $250 comes with:


    Wii Sports

    Wii remote and nun chuck

    And all the cables and things

    do not buy!!!!

    plus you don´t know if its good, you should get a receipt with or wait to find one in a store.

  4. rip off

  5. You can get a new one for cheaper than that. Ebay has new wii,s for around 280.00

  6. If all you're getting is Wii Sports and one controller, she's marking it up $70. The retail price for the pack you just described is $249.99.

    If that $320 includes shipping, that's not a bad deal considering the Wii is apparently still hard to find in stores. If that $320 doesn't include shipping, I'd just call it a ripoff and find another one.

  7. Sounds like a rip off.  You don't know where the wii has been or if it works at all.  Ask her to let you test out the wii and make sure it works.  

    Either way, I would buy one from GameStop or BEst Buy/Circut City, etc.  They come with a controller, and most times something on the side such as a game, or a store gift card and or a money back rebate.

  8. if you really want a wii i guess its ok cuz its also really hard to find one in a store

    and for wii sports you can play 2 player with one remote but only for some of the games like - bowling,golf

    and for baseball you could just take turns swinging

    but for tennis you need another remote

    also for boxing you need another remote and nunchuck

  9. The MSRP is $249.99, so there is no way she spent $350 for one in a store, unless she bought some other stuff with it that shes not telling you about.

    It all depends on how badly you want one. Wiis are still in high demand and difficult to find in stores. Its up to you if you're willing to spend an extra $100 to get the system now.

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