Why does everyone make such a big deal about older kids wearing diapers due to accidents or bed wetting?

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Why does everyone make such a big deal about older kids wearing diapers due to accidents or bed wetting?




  1. Guest33888

     I am a guy and grew up in the 60s and 70s.there were lots of kids in my neighbor hood,unfortuneatly most were girls,but there were 2 boys i hung out with.Four of the girls in our neighborhood were bedwetters and all of them wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night.My 2 buddies and i had a hayday as 2 of the girls were teens and the other 2 were younger,we used to steal their rubberpants off their clothes lines,tease the girls,etc.

  2. Guest11080

     It is not such a big deal for girls to wear diapers for bedwetting and accidents as it is for boys.people accept girls wearing diapers because they are just naturally more baby like than boys.For boys to wear diapers,they can become sissies and get trased and they feel less manly.

  3. I don't know because when I was growing up cloth diapers and rubber pants were a very normal thing for bedwetters of all ages.  It was not uncommon at all to see diapers and rubber pants hanging on clotheslines and in some houses there were younger ones still in diapers so there could be 2 or 3 different sizes of diapers and rubber pants on the clothesline.  I remember being out with my mom one evening and she stopped at a friend of hers house to drop off some things.  There were 2 bedwetters in the family and they both were ready for bed and I could see the diaper bulge beneath their pj's and hear the noise the rubber pants made when they moved.  On the way home mom said that it must be hard with 2 kids in diapers all the time and 2 kids in diapers at bedtime.  I remember stopping by the same house with mom in the afternoon and seeing the whole clothesline filled with diapers and rubber pants.  The thing that stood out was that nobody ever said anything about it because it was pretty much normal that bedwetters wore diapers and rubber pants.

  4. Its normal for older children, mostly boys, to wet the bed at night.  It does not mean that theres any issues, or that they are dumb, or are not potty trained.

  5. their expectations for the kid is higher then what the kid can accomplish.  

  6. Slow development or lazy parents who potty trained later than 12 months old.

  7. how old? If a child is having accidents over the age of 5 then there may be an underlying medical problem, if a parent diapers the child rather than deal with the problem then thats just lazy. Bed wetting is a different issue, usually due to an immature bladder control, and there should be no shame put on a child who has a bed wetting issue and needs a pull up at night. Most bed wetters will outgrow it by 8-9.  

  8. Maybe because they do not have anything else to do. They should be told to MYOB.

  9. becuz older kids should already be potty trained.

  10. Not everyone does.  My son is 9 and wears diapers when he wants.  Always at night and sometimes during the day.

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