Why does MJ fans are hatting on kobe for being compared to Michael Jordan?

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its not kobe's fault that he's playing style is similar to Jordan!




  1. I'm just think, why can't people just let them be themselves. Kobe's Kobe, MJ's MJ, don't compare. If you compare, there's a lot of things that AI can do, and Kobe can't (or vise versa).

  2. Yes mj never raped a white women then payed her off not to say anything.  aso mj's 1,000xs better than kobrick cryant could ever dream of becoming.

  3. because mj didn't butt rape a teenager

  4. Like i said awhile ago, we should all just ignore this moronic question. How many times now has this or a variation of it been asked? dry up kiddies...

  5. why are Michael Jordan fans hatting on kobe for being compared to Michael Jordan ?

    Excellent sentance structure.

    Michael Jordan was a sportsman, Kobe is not, Kobe is a rat fleeing a sinking ship, and would be in a different city if the lakers hadn't traded for Gasol.

    Michael Jordan is also far ahead of Kobe Bryant in multiple categories, and so for fans of his legacy, its offensive to have him compared to Kobe Bryant.

    Hope that answers your question a bit.

  6. cause kobe 's good not mj good thugh

  7. Kobe is not even close to MJ. Michael Jordan was on a level all its own. Sure Kobe can shoot the ball just as well, but he does not have the "team" aspect of the game down. Michael Jordan understood that the game is won with five players on the floor, not one. Kobe had a chance to be close to MJ status, but he never got a hold of what it means to play on a team. Thats why not just MJ fans, but most people dont compare Kobe as being on the same level as Mike.

  8. For those of you that just recently jumped on Kobe's bandwagon.  It is his fault that he is being compared more to Jordan than any other player.  And its not just simply his playing style.

    He came into the league mimicking everything Jordan did.  From his game, to his voice, mannerisms, everything.  It was nauseating see someone ride Jordan's jock so much.  Kobe has never been a popular player, even before the colorado incident for that very reason.  That's why NBA players from Allen Iverson to Ray Allen to Vince Carter to Shaquille Oneal have always taken shot at him.  They like most Kobe haters consider him fake.

  9. Most people I know who hate Kobe hate him for being a rapist. He is a great player and should be a first ballot hall of famer, but he's no MJ.

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