Why do so many black men prefer white women over other races and especially black women?

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So many black men date and eventually marry white women, which this rate has been increasing at an escalating rate, whereas 75% of black women remain single.

Why do black men prefer white women over black women along with other races?




  1. Guest57477

    Whites are universally recognized as the most attractive race in the world. Not even nigs want nigs for the most part. Nigs are inferior in pretty much every way.

  2. Guest55855

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  3.  I don't think predominantly it is love. I think it is psychological and strategizing. For the psychology aspects, many Black men feel inferior economically to White men. While White men toss White women around searching for a trophy wife who could maintain the family wealth and success, Black men are thirsty for that wealth and success. They figure that they would be more successful if they align themselves with someone already accepted in society as being "right" and not wrong. Black women get a negative rap sheet. Only a few have fortunes like Oprah Winfrey. For strategizing, their children will have more opportunities and would be far more accepted than if they were just African or African-American. President Obama was not only smart in school but he was a smart politician. He is in the White House, however, because White women thought he was good enough like their biracial children. You can't win with just the Black or Hispanic vote. You can make it in this society if you're popular. For many Americans, your popularity is your skin color, hair texture, ethnicity, height, weight, family ties, and education which can make you or break you. You're already half way there if you're biracial or intimate with someone of another race (especially intimate with White women). I don't think most of those men care for those women and vice versa. A clear example would be White women who chase Black professional basketball players and football players. They hope their men cheat so that they could get half and leave them. Eventually, they marry White men like Tiger Woods former wife who is now dating a Billionaire. That's called using those who try to use you. It's just business. No hard feelings. He got a status bump and she got a paycheck. Whether or not you agree with me, consider what Sterling said, "Don't bring Blacks to my Games." All of those NBA owners want their players with White women, because it is business. It looks good and the money eventually goes back to them when the men cheat. I wouldn't be surprise contracts aren't negotiated based on the players dating/marriage choices. Hollywood secrets. 


  4. Hilarious!!!!


    Tiger Woods showed that black men always want white women and the only reason black men do not have white women 100% of the time is they do not have the money that Tiger Woods has and the white women just do not want black men. h**l, the only way black women can get screwed is by begging a black man to knock them up!!!!


    This is too bad but it is a fact.

  5. Assuming you know this already, but not all black men  prefer black women, but when asked, they prefer them over their own because of sexual reason. Black women that place weaves in their hair sometimes don't like to have fingers running through went when the man wants to show senatitality he can't so he'll cross over to a white girl so he can do so. Although the majority of the time its they claim its hard to find a good black women, but its only because they're picking the bad ones, because they'll choose to love of "outer apperance" over the personality, there are plenty "good" black women out there they should just open they're eyes. Sometimes, they just prefer white women because they're "easy". To really get a true understanding you need to survey black men with white women.   

  6. Wow, there's some ignorant people here.

      I wish people would educate themselves in this country. First of all, why is it such a big deal with people interracial dating? What's the taboo about it, were all human beings. It's none of my business what people want to do in their personal life if it doesn't effect me. Secondly your facts are wrong, as most races tend to stay within their own.

    I can't stand prejudice people, and wtf is reverse racism? Racist is racist weather your black white yellow, etc. So the term doesn't even make sense. The prejudice people here should try furthering their education and go to college, if you passed high school, maybe youll learn something.

  7.  Probably because Black women are so full of drama and are only after MONEY. Ooops, I forgot about the 5-9 extra baby daddy's to deal with.

  8. Black women are not racist as a black woman i feel embarrsed to say but when i see a black man with a white woman i get mad but its only the reasons why i live in the suburbs of mn and alot of black men show off their white women like there trophys or something and look down on black women like were ugly funny thing is that there mother is black so i guess they dont like the way there mother look wich means they dont like how they look. and white women where im at cant speak for all of them look at us like yea i have your man he didnt want you kind of thing I have a white friend but she is such a w***e and is obsessed with black men she says that they look better and are sexually better but this has been going on for years and years its just got more in popularty. sad thing is that the black men i do see do this are athletes celebs or boodgie negroes and thats why its flaunted so much more but even poor and other classes of black men are leaving black women for white women its sad becuse of there reasons and how its going the haterd going back and fourth between black women and black men what happened to black power and black love its beautiful to me but i guess not to others.

  9. the black man does the same thing to the white woman that he does to the black woman.....he tricks her and he lies, cheats and plays games anyways; but the white woman keeps going back for more punishing helpings. She enjoys it until he dumps her for another white woman, and the cycle goes on and on and on................

  10.  White women are put above any other races. This is due to the brainwashing of Hollywood. They are the  movie, porno, singers,super model stars. Black men who only dates white women becouse of the color of her skin,eyes,hair need to make a reality check & realize that they are shallow & blinded. The 90's hip hop promoted a lot of dark skin beauties, & yes a lot of men nowadays(not just black) agrees that women of mix races are better looking than white women.

  11.  this is so sad, black women, don't allow thses men to be little you and make you feel like s**t, you are beautiful

  12. blacks in america still feel a sense of shame and emasculation from thier people being dominated and humuilated as slaves , and not being able to throw off the yoke of slavery them selfs. the fact that a war fought between white men to free thier people further adds to that humilation. this sense of inferiorty produces a primal rage in them , as socitey had eveolved and people are willing to cross boudnries hertofore taboo, its an oppurtuinty to express thier own feelings of acceptace , maybe dominace over whites as many men feel s*x is about dominace . all in all its a primal racist urge driving the need .

  13. Its really simple

    Black or White Guys prefer that soft furry p***y over the pan scrubbing brush >.<


  14. white women go with black men because they want to see if the stereotype is true or if they prefer the s*x. if i knew a white women ever banged a black man simply because she was either curious of him being bigger, better or she likes to feel nasty and she was then interested in me, wouldnt i be a pathetic excuse if i fell for a women like that? someone who likes to feel like a s*x toy for a man (regardless of his colour) who just wants him to use her cos she likes that nasty feeling. i would never allow my kids to look at a mother like that and id feel ashamed if she ever gave them advice in life.  the past does matter, it shows what you are capable of and what a sick puppy you can be. bottom line i could never love or marry a hoe, nomatter how great their personality is. as for as im concerned, if she likes to feel nasty with people she is not in a respectable relationship with, she deserves to be treated as a s*x toy and nothing more.

  15. I am a black female and I want to say that I was once friends with a white female.  She was in a relationship with a black man who would beat her up.  We worked together and at work is where I began to notice her bruises.  One week she came to work wearing sunglasses in an effort to cover a black eye.  At this point she had finally had the courage to leave.  I offered her a space in my home rent free.  I told her to save her money and I even took her to view apartments.  One night I invited her out with my friends (all black females).  We went to a black club to just dance and have a drink.  We were all dancing and having a good times.  A black male asked my white friend to dance.  I was glad to see her enjoying herself.  Later as the club closed while walking to my vehicle, my white friend said... "I know those black girls were jealous because I was dancing with a black man."  I thought to myself WOW...  No one was really paying her any attention like that, but I just ignored the comment.  During her stay, her abusive boyfriend left nasty messages on my voicemail.  He told me that she told him I was the typical ugly fat black female.  He also had some nasty things to say about me... why?  I guess some women love to be abused and some men love the women they abuse.  She was also having s*x with several black men at work.  Well I eventually asked her to leave.  6 months later she rang my bell to apologize.  She was also pregnant by one of the black males at work.  I accepted her apology, but what I learned is that some white women; who date black men, secretly have issues with black women.  They get a rise out of being in public with black men.  I think that most white women who date black men are bored so they do it for excitement and for attention.  Alot of white women also feel entitled to have and take what ever they want.  I think some Black men date white women because they really dislike some black women and they secretely hate being black.  Some black men also use white women, especially if she works and he doesn't.  Some black men also enjoy f*****g white women to avenge white oppression.  Some people say black men consider white women to be forbidden fruit, but I don't see how that is so when just about every race of man has slept with a white woman.  On a final note, love transends all and people can love who they want regardless of color.  I respect this type of union most of all.

  16. Don't you all know the history of black people? Back then, black people were nobody and stay with their own race. Look at those famous black male stars and regular black men across the nation around the world. They are ashamed of being black, so they sleep with white women, so black men can feel like white beings. It is a proven fact and everybody know that. Plain and simple. Look at Michael Jackson, who make himself white instead of being dark black male the way he used to be.White women have low self-esteem and they don't know why black men sleep with them. White women think they are being treated like a queen, have gifts, have money, and all. It is all about black power. Well, white women got bribed and they don't even know it, so black males can get in female's wet hole. It is not hard to figure out people. See white women are very, very stupid for falling into black men's trap. Black men make white females feel wanted by flirting a lot. White women should be whipped, get beat up, and be taught that white women learn to know that black men are ashamed of being black. Now look at the mixed colored kids, who are confused and not know which side to be with Black or White families. Blame on stupid white women. Today, black guys keep hanging around white girls and they make white girls special. Shower them with gifts, drugs, and money, so they can get in their p***y. Black guys are smart and they know how to be players. Oh, white women thought they are special. d**n idiot white women. Once again, everybody know this is a proven fact. Right in the black history book. 

  17. You know that the children of incest are unhealthy. That because the genes of their parents are so much alike. Well the reverse is true. The children of parents with dissimilar genes turn out to be healthier, stronger and better looking. You only have to look in the world of athletics to see that is true. In the extreme sport of sprinting, black guys reign because they are in fact mixed race. What is more this genetic advantage has affected our base sexual urges so that we naturally tend to be attracted to people who are dissimilar to ourselves. This not only explains the attraction between the sexes but also between differing races. It’s the pressure from our peers and culture that masks and even overrides this sexual urge, but of course more so for some than others. The study of some primates (can’t remember the species) has shown that the females are more attracted to strangers, which is very similar. Also, if you look back in history you will find that when different races come together they mix very well and become a new race. I reckon inter-marriages will become more common as time goes on, so all you racists out there had better start getting used to it.

  18. I say be with whoever you what to. Your grown.. White men don't own white women, and black women don't own black men..etc. And stop with the nasty looks that are given when some people are with a person of a different race.. It's not your life it's theirs. Thank you ; )

  19. Ok I am a white woman. I have been with blacks, whites, italians, mexicans. And I am now happily married to a black man who works hard, pay the bills, is an excellant father to our 4 children, and treats me like his queen. I have seen with my own two eyes BLACK woman as well as whites be beaten used cheated on taken advantage of etc etc, and give all there money to and completely take care of both black and white men. Period. Race is not the issue. It depends on a persons self worth and self respect, how they allow themselves to be treated and how they treat others. s**t*y people are s**+*ty regardless of the color of there skin. WAKE THE FU*K UP! This ignorance will continue as long as people keep spreading it and teaching it. Yes blacks and whites ARE differant. But neither is better then the other! Again it is dependant on EACH individual! And to clear a few other things up...  Penice size is NOT dependant on race. The smallest I have ever seen was in fact a black man,  and the largest a white man. That's a ridiculous stereo type. And in referance to the post above regarding "white people bringing blacks here",   not so. In fact if u do some research u will find that africans SOLD there prisoners, handicapped, retarded, insane, and biggest, strongest, africans to this country. Not a joke, I'm not bein racist, I'm just stating a fact that most blacks typically leave out.  I also want to point out that nearly every race of mankind has been enslaved at some point in time. My grandparents were in concentration camps, and this has had an enormous impact on my life and how I was raised both negatively and positively. The holocaust was fairly recent in terms of history. I'm not complaining, I didn't get a scholarship, and we don't have holocaust survivor month, and I don't get to use this as an excuse every time something doesn't go my way. If you want success and money you have to work for it, it doesn't get handed to you. Respect others and you will generally get respect back. We all have our own challenges we have to face, regardless of race! Its called LIFE on EARTH! I can also personally say that I have encountered/witnessed more racism coming from blacks towards whites then anything else. But when its blacks making racist remarks its "ok". If I had a shirt that read "white power" it would be racist and deemed innappropriate. But when people wear "black power" shirts its considered pride for there heritage??  Wtf people??!!  I could go on and on with examples just like this! Its ridiculous!  My husband and I treat everyone the same, and our children are not taught to constantly compare and differentiate among races. RESPECT is RESPECT is RESPECT for everyone EQUALLY that deserve it!!!!!!

  20. i live in a city where it seems every young white girl is knocked up with black baby,wearing them on thier arm as if they were fashion jewlrey.then leaving them for the next dumb a*s white girl he knocks up,this cycle has to end.the free s**t wont be there for long.stop living like your entitled and realize the shape this country is in and how it got that way.  

  21. Guest22383939

    You are street smart and one of the only others who understands the

    magnitude of our decayed moral thanks to the corp. who control

    music and sold out in 92.

    Hope to meet you or correspond

  22. Simple all white gals are s***s who wants to get laid. d**k size may matter 2... 

  23. If you are a white man, do not marry a WHITE WOMAN.. f**k them yes, but never marry them and do not buy them s**t. Adopt the BLACK MAN policy. Just f**k them and leave. Marry a different ethnicity.White women need to understand that if they want to go BLACK we do not give a f**k if they ever come back. I see white women with black men all the time and let me say that nothing pisses them off when it is thrown back in their face. I was recently at a club where I have seen a white girl go home with a black man. A couple weekends later I see the same girl and she comes up to me and asks if I would dance. When I told her that I do not consort with disloyal White Women she got pissed and asked why she was disloyal. I told her the reason and she got upset and walked away. However, the rest of thenight she kept having the bartender send me free drinks, which I drank. Later I took her home and pounded her in the anal cavity. I then told her to leave and I have never talked to her since. Awesome....Awesome...Awesome....Make them pay my fellow WHITE GUYS.....Also, if you think your girl is not cheating with a BLACK Guy you are an idiot.......HAHAHAHAHA....Make them pay. WHITE GIRLS deserve to be screwed over. Do not become a security blanket because Jerome never made it big as a rapper

  24. Opinions are like a******s! EVERYBODY has one. We agree to disagree! By default we utilize our upbringing to shape our ideas and theories as adults.  Its so unfortunate that race is so important! If a black man fancies a white woman oh well! If a white woman likes to f**k black men for whatever reason so what!! Life is 2 short for being impartial!!! Single is a choice when you are educated, focused, and strong. The bullshit percentage ratios are for the birds. Stop worrying about what others do and live your life for YOU!

  25. Pros/Cons Between White Women and Black Women

    White Women/Pros: Beautiful delicious pink pussysss, nice smooth hair, soft hands, cook on the reg, take s**t on the reg, wont embaress you in public,etc...

    Cons: Horrible drivers, higher probability to lose a fight against colored, struggle with simple tasks. 

    black women/pros: good fighters, great screamers,

    cons: dirty stinky looosee dark roast beef like p***y, nappy tangled mangled fake or real hair, can only cook microwavable products, embaressing to be seen with, give you s**t on the reg.

    What women are you attracted to?

    Know wonder blacks want to steal our women?

  26. I know many black guys who date white women and they all say cause white women will do anything sexual they want them too, will spend money on them and shower them with gifts, and the biggest turn on for the black guy , at least what my friends told me, is that white woman dont b***h or scream out across stores like a crack ho on the street  and  dont constantly publicly insult them like back women do.  But they all say even  though they are committed to their white woman, they all cheat on them.

    Now their white women all said that even though the black guys treat them like s**t, make them do sexual things they would never dream of allowing a white guy do and that they just dont like to do,  and the black guys always seem to stay teen aged street punks, on woman even told me that when her man is with other blacks she can not understand a word they are saying,  but they told me that  the reason they go with and stay with black men is because they are in style now, and they want to have a mixed raced baby because some turn out to be the cutest babies ever. However, they dont want to marry the black guy unless they will get a decent job and try to act more adult.  They all say they would have no problem marrying a white guy for the stability and security, as well as the role model for their kids, but they all said they could still s***w black guys on the side.  

    That is the big problem i have with this whole thing is that the white woman seem to think its ok to s***w around once married because its a black guy.  They said they would not do it with a white guy, and they all said that if the white guy they were married to screwed around on them, they would leave him and take him for everything he had.    I think its truly a sick mentality when women or men think like this. Call me old fashioned, but I believe once married and committed to someone, you do your best to stay monogamous with that person. No matter what your fetish is. 

    Which brings another question. Im half Asian. My wife is all Asian. We have been happily married for over 15 years and have 4 wonderful kids. We dont cheat and even though it been occasionally rough, we stuck with it and made it through. Maybe its because most Asians are brought up knowing that family is everything in life.   But my question is that when anyone from another race likes an Asian woman, they are considered something called an Asiaphile.  Now since my other half is white, and I lean more toward my white roots than my Asian ones, some consider me more white , and I have even been called an Aisaphile in the past. That is until they find out that my mother was Chinese.   But my question is, what is the name for other races who have these fetishes for black men?  Are they Blackaphiles?  Im interested as I assume there must be some term for them.   Ok, I really want to know so I can hammer my friends white women with it. lol... 

    Or better yet, is there a term similar to Asiaphile for black men who have fetishes for white women?  That would be even better hammering my buds with it!   Im sure there must be, and Im surprised Ive never heard it yet.   Maybe they are Great White hunters?  Since most of them seem to go for the heavier white woman than I know I would care to be seen with. Dont get me wrong, they are nice women, great personalities and all.  Just a lot larger than I prefer.  But my wife is 5'4 and 112 pounds.  She is the perfect woman to me and always will be.  Maybe Im strange though 

  27. I am a white woman..happily married to a white man, but I love f*****g black men...Its nasty to me..I love the color it goes without saying I like un dark!! I love the scent of a big dark black mans c**k! I love to make um c* me n on me! has nothing to do with having a 'wimpy' white man who doesn't satisfy me..we have a super s*x life! I love my family..I just happen to love the way niggers f**k! I say niggers not in an offensive way..but as a compliment!! cuz I like f****n the street niggas! Not the suit n tie black men...The kind that pisses off white men...I crave that nasty!! I like being a sell-out white b***h when I want to..and going home and being a wife and mother! I have had my experence with all races of men and foud it turns me on to be fucked by and to please niggers!!! I love to see a huge vainy thick dark n****r c**k in my face...oh and between my big white t**s!!! d**n its da BOMB!!!  I can't speek for all n****r-lovin-white-b*****s...but I'm not ashames to say..."h**l yea I'm a n****r lover!!!

  28. I don't care if the black dudes want a white chick I just don't like a white chick that looks like she has been stuffed for thanksgiving a few times. :O

  29.  Black Guys just have more meat in between their legs.  If you find a white girl who likes black men discard her like yesterdays newspaper cause their ain't nothing left to have fun with.

  30. Says she likes black c**k because it turns her on to look down and see a big black c**k disappearing inside her!

  31. mixed but i still think that everyone is equal. asking someone "why do black men like to date white wemon" is just like asking "why white guys like to date white wemon" it dosent matter what race you are. also, not all black wemon look ugly and they look the same. some of the hottest wemon on earth are black like mariah carey and beyonce. and all you people can say "oh i hate all black people!" but the reality is that white people brought black people over to america. and if white wemon didnt like black men they wouldnt date them so it gives me the idea that white men are jealous. and people that say interracial relationships are wrong are idiots because its beleived that everyone in america has at least 1% black in them. and all people that dont like black people need to get in their heads that you are out numbered! i mean....look at the president!

  32. white women will f**k a black man but will marry a white man.

    white women are not the stupid. why guys are more of a man and can take care of his own than back guys.

    it's already proven that black guys made black women angry by leaving them with all those babies.

    black guys at an adult age still hang in clubs and trying to out f**k one another instead of looking for a career.

  33. I would say because white women are dumber that black women.Just look around and see the hair color of most of these women blonde than tells you something the ones that not were meant to be!  

  34. why cant people stick to their own race? this interacial s**t is fucked up black people are gross aha

  35. Easy, and i not applying this to everyone, but i belive its because they know that white women have money and a job and they can take care of the bills so the man doesnt have to work. Black women, (just what i see) are fat, angry, gross,all look the same, have a lousy work ethic and all they do is scream and complain. And, go ahead, call me a racist i couldnt give one half of a flying f**k, to all you ignorant people. Open your eyes, black and white cultures are very different, and always will be. Thats why we dont get along, and never will, i dont care how much you throw God at me. Im catholic, so dont gimme that c**p. Also, throwing slavery in our faces, just not working. It happen hundreds of years ago. Get over yourselves and stop calling everyone other than black racist. sorry i had gotten off topic and a little carried away. Just wanted to share.

  36. umm wow i'm 13 and reading this AND i'm black now i see why most black women becomelez b/c  of ppl who do things like this  and i have a white bf well mixed but still You think if you saying thingys like omg u Black women are s**t who only suck di*k or something like that well hurt a strong women ?  even if i'm not a fully gow woman i know that you are wrong for that. PLus to let you knwo i fell in love with my bf before i found out he was mixed so i think  its fine. i use to be mad because the skool i went to taught us AWWW WHITE BEAT YOPU HATE THEM  and for many years i did but my best friend is mixed and i did'nt even know  i was talking about my own best friend and was hurting her so i KNoW white ppl are'nt bad so stop hating just because you dont like white ppl. OH and another thing O>O WTF u say aww blacks are getting beat by there black men and put alll THAT s**t on the frount and  black women STILL want you BUT you dont wanna put that white men ALSO abuse their women so i know you just wanna make blacks feel wronged or like they are SUPPOSE to take that and program young black girls to think that we should be like whites wells my hair is natrual and not permed i dont wann abe white i wanna be me! LOVE YOUR SELF BEFORE YOU MAKE OTHER PPL FEEL BAD ^_^  thank you for reading ><

  37. I originally asked this question because I have repeatedly been hit on by black men. Despite what I have read about "white women liking black men sooo much they flock to them" I have found that far from the real truth. Most white women that I know wouldn't be caught dead with a black guy. Please do not take this as insulting; this is just what has been told to me, and what I have experienced with my white female friends. In return the white woman have found to date black men act like they are black. Talking like a black woman would talk, dressing like black woman would dress, and hanging around other African Americans. Where I come from they are not accepted within the white race they are considered to be "wiggers".  For the black women that I have seen answer this question it has been all about them and how they are so educated and everyone else answering this question is ignorant; which would to me prove the point of sooo many other individuals on this issue discussing the fact that African American women are very self absorbed and angry. As far as people needing to look past the skin color of others I can agree to that to an extent.  I feel if people themselves can look past their own skin color and live outside of what was taught to them by their race and their surroundings; I feel this would be a much healthier world.  People become their own prison.  White men don't keep you down, Mexican people don't keep you down, yellow people don't keep you down, you keep you down.  You, yourself are your own worst enemy.  I myself have come from nothing and have become very successful in my life so far.  I refuse to settle; I have so many more things in life I want to accomplish.  I have had little help to get to where I am now.  Despite the belief that White people have every advantage.  I am a living example that white people have to work just as hard as anyone else to accomplish their goals in life.  I wasn't given anything and made something from nothing because I believed in MYSELF.  That is all I need.  From my experience living with many races; many of the things I have heard about black people are very true.  I have found African Americans are way more racist than many, many, other races I have encountered.  You can turn on BET TV and find a African American saying "cracker" are some joke to our expense, but God forbid a white person say anything regarding something about African Americans "that’s racist" so is calling white people "crackers".  I know I am falling off the subject at hand but reviewing the responses I felt that I needed to bring to everyone’s attention what people seem to be really discussing here; Racism.  Look at all the racial slurs from other readers.  One point I would like to make is Remember every race has been in slavery one time or another in life.  The Jewish the most recent, but you have yet to see the Jewish use this as a crutch in life not to move forward. They are some of the most successful people in society today, and without once using their past in slavery as a crutch are a means for a hand out.  Now as I was saying I have been hit on by countless black males and have no attraction to them what so ever. Ever since I have cut my hair very short I get hit on at least once a day by a black man.  Whereas when I had hair down to my butt I would get hit on by more White and Mexican men and rarely ever black men.  Soooo I guess the answer I was searching for was not found on this website. When I have asked my African American friends that are male regarding this question; every one of their responses have been pretty much the same.  That white women are more confident, have better hygiene, not as bitchy about every little thing, they don't expect the men to pay for every little thing, they have better communication skills then African American woman, they don't feel they have to flaunt what they have accomplished to find a sense of confidence are to feel better and bigger than the men in their life, and do not want to struggle to wear the pants in the relationship.  I do not agree with everything I was told from my African American male friends about White women.  Especially since I myself am guilty of a few of these things.  I have found more racial slurs than anything else on this site.  I will go elsewhere to find the answer to my question.

  38. its the same thing in england if not worse because there arnt many black people here. thats why SO many black women are turning g*y here its ridiculous where ever you go you see black men with white women its to much now someone needs to date black women.

  39. First of all, why the h**l does it matter? If a black man want a white woman so what? If a black man want a  mexican woman so what? It's just skin color! I am sickened by the amount of racism spewed by blacks and whites. It's saddening that people still can't see past skin color. If you find love with someone of a different color be proud of it. Don't let narrow minded people keep you away from who you love the most. Remember, God makes no racial calls so there's no reason we should.

  40. I am a Black man, black women seem angry and cold, white women more cheerful and pleasant. Black woman is confrontational, white woman more feminine and cooperative, plus I'm sick of the weaves.

  41. Iam a white girl , and i love black guys , i think they are so s**y and atractive , they are better than white guys i think , black men make white women feel wanted and they are just kind to us , more than white men ! ( A KiSS FoR BLACK MEN )  ;)


  43. Most black men are with black women. Stop shoving this IR BS down the throats of Blacks.  You white men need to ask yourselves what are you guys doing wrong that every time I am that the gym tons of  white girl are chasing me? ? You guys are supposed to have all of the power and control the media.

  44. you have ugly ppl in all races!! for the fool that said mullatto are cute because they have white in them is ignorant. ugly is ugly and it comes in all shades and sizes. White women are not the best thing smoking. They are plain and dull.Boring features! I've seen more beautiful non white women in this world. So white women loose.

  45. Cause white women have turned into filthy jungle big d**k loving whores.

  46. Alright. the thing is some black men prefer white women, some prefer african american women. as some white women prefer black men and some prefer white men you ALL NEED TO GET OVER YOURSELVES like seriously. God created everyone equally and just because you think someone is ugly doesnt mean others think that person is ugly as well. what looks one way to one person, another person could think the COMPLETE opposite.

  47. the answers r some of these ppl r very ignorant and sterotypical and the only way to get the right ans is ask the black men,very few of them will give the ans most of u have given most never refer to the white women as superior,sexier,richer or any of the above most wont even say cause they r more attracted to whte women,but most will say they r easier to control,easier to get over on,  less demanding more nieve, and will pretty much stand for whatever the black man and his mighty black d**k commands which to most is not a compliment.they want to make the white women feel she is superior to the black women cause they say whatever necessary to get over on her.knowing this is not the truth,truth b told no real man period would put down the very race they came from or the race of the women who gave birth to them unless they had some issues of their own. find me a white women who hasnt been totally ran over by the black man (very few)not to say all but with most interaccial couples it is not 50/50 it is the white women doing true enough if those r the brothers their taking let them have them.usually  the ones who go for white women r looking for an easier route(many of them will say that)they dont even hide their true motives cause they dont have to)well atleast to the white women some how this makes her feel superior which is y these men r refferd to as weak and usually dont have much to offer the black women anyway cause they no the black women doesnt just stand for anything call it aggresion ,call it ghetto,call it what u want. It is what it is.. at the end of the day after hes done all he can do and get all he can get he often finds his way back to the black women cause thats where he came from.

  48. Black men want to feel like they are accepted by a higher race.
    Every black man, if he can't get a white woman, would suck off a white man just to have s*x with a white person.

  49. Why do so many black men prefer white women over other races and especially black women?

    Why do I prefer a Great Steak to a Cheap Hamburger?
    It's the same thing.

  50. Why do so many black men prefer white women over other races and especially black women?

    Why do I prefer a Great Steak to a Cheap Hamburger?
    It's the same thing.

  51. Most of the comments in here are based on such ignorance. It is disappointing to see the sad state of mind these folks are in. For the good people  men and women in this thread, if you know anything about American history then you'll know that that the CIA in the 60's and 70's introduced heroin (and other drugs) into minority communities to destroy the nuclear families of Blacks and Latinos. The fear was that they were becoming to educated and gaining momentum and in turn a political voice and agenda which America was not ready for at that time. Through drug addiction and illegal drug activities, black and Latino families were destroyed. Black and Latino men ended up in jail at alarming rates from the 60's through the 90's. This is well documented and has been declassified by the CIA for years now. With no men present in their lives minority women were left to raise the family and be bread winners in the face of extreme hate and prejudice. This is where the "attitude" comes from. When you're left to fend for yourself with lives depending on you, would you be smiling? Generations of single minority moms were left alone. Working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs just to make ends meet. The Black men who were not incarcerated and took the less popular path of working for a predominantly white institutions (even the government)-had to play up to the white institution to ensure they did not scare the white institutions they worked for by being too smart or to "black" and lose out on opportunities. So they Literally conformed to white ways (language, style, preferences, sports, interest, WOMEN- etc)-thinking that having a white women on their arm gave them an advantage and made them less of a threat and more in line with the white American ways. This further alienated black women who were left to fend for themselves and then saw what was left of their men catering to white America. Respect was lost and most black women chose to become career women and vowed not to hook up with a man like the one that did their mothers "wrong". Opportunities became available for minorities because of affirmative action where mostly minority women were able to take advantage. Institutional racism still exists where most older white executive management would prefer to see a black women in their offices as opposed to a black man.
    Refreshingly, among races these days, color seems to be less of an issue because understanding and the stigmas of "Black & White" seem to finally be breaking down. Now younger (black, white, Latin, Asian, etc) are hooking up these days because they see nothing wrong with it and genuinely like one another. It is progress almost realized. Yes we all have differences, but there is a common thread in America that is bonding people these days, there is too much truth out there now and it cannot be ignored.  People who still think racism is "cool" or that it is "cool" to insult and belittle others are just afraid and insecure with their own abilities and are holding on to a lower form of human social evolution. Let it go - save your hate for the mirror you look at in the morning, that's what is really bothering you - the reflection looking back.

  52. It's just not worth dealing with the condescending Diva mentalities. If I wanted abuse , I can go to a Klan rally. At least I know where I stand , and it seems that the white Klansman probably has more respect for the black man than black women seem to.

  53. It's the condescending , " I'm better than you " attitudes of black women and the constant financial and emotional demands. In relationships with non black women , the financial arrangement is 50/50 or whichever partner is more financially sound contributes the bulk. Black women ? It doesn't matter which partner is the more financially sound , she expects the black man to be the sole provider , even if she works , her check going to her needs and desires , and his check , after he pays all of the household expenses , his car note and hers , both car insurances , children expenses if there's any , and gives her pocket money over and above all of the bills and her own earnings. It just becomes too d**n expensive to date someone who takes everything you have while giving you nothing physically and emotionally , and often intellectually. Having been in relationships with Black American women , black African women , Asian women and afro Caribbean women ( I tend to stay away from white women though I have dated them in the past ) it seems that the Black American women , followed by the African women were the most stressful , most adversarial , and least emotionally rewarding. It seems to be all about them in relationships , and more than any other women and I have dated women all over the world ( ex career military )they are always emotionally needy , controlling , condescending and combative , and self absorbed , and even when you have educational disparities with them ( black men aren't as uneducated as the myth seems to perpetuate ) they still act as if they are your superior in all aspects and refuse to accept a black mans knowledge or skills for anything but brining home a check. It's to the point where there's no rhyme or reason to even attempt to. Even the introduction is combative ( n***a , I don't know you , or what can you do for me is the response 90% of the time ) and demands are made even before a foundation is established. I was personally one of three black males in my grad school class in a black university , a class of 35 black females , and the women were pushy , and woe was a brother who answered a question and made a black woman look as if she wasn't the most intelligent person in the class. ( n***a you think you know everything , don't you ? ).

    The demanding nature , never satisfied controlling witch is the general consensus , and if black women want to be relevant to black men , accept them as equals , and stop acting as if you're better than them. Myself , I'll pass you by and be alone before I am condescended to or mistreated.  Most black men I know wont even do that , they'll just move on to the white woman.

    Black women seem to find excuses to condescend to black men , telling them they are all on drugs of felons ( the felon part , is partially true as black men have higher conviction rates than other , but it's mostly due to the justice system , and even if that is true , what's the problem ? people are allowed second chances , but it's a deal breaker if he has a 20 year old felony , while YOU have six children by six baby daddies ?).

    There's going to have to be some change or the black women are going to find themselves alone. One thing , the race doesn't die if those black men choose white women , the one drop rule still means black offspring.

  54. THIS IS THE UGLY TRUTH, deny it if you wish but this is keeping it REAL.MOST BLACK men want a WHITE women because the feel inferior and jealous of white people in general. Sleeping with a WHITE woman makes them feel like they are "getting one over" on the white race. They don't care if the white woman is hideous or beautiful just as long as they can get one. And they majority of these woman ARE HIDEOUS! By sleeping with the white woman the black guy feels like he is better than the other black guys dating the ghetto rats next door Even though his "white girl" would not be touched by any respectable white men. END OF DISCUSSION!

  55. f*k NIGGERS they need to die off, and I'm happy to report, their well on their way!!!

  56. Guest19072911

    I am a 20 year old, young, dark skinned, educated, gorgeous, employed, loving,sweet, black woman. and I must say.....You have written the most absolute dumbest thing that I have EVER read. Black women of all shades are freakin GORGEOUS! Just because you're bitter about your sorry looks doesn't give you the right to bash African American women. Have you ever stopped to think that just maybe it is white women who prefer black men? h**l, did you even think before you decided to share your worthless, stupid, and raciest opinion? How did you even form your pety thoughts? White women who sleep with black men will f**k anything??? really???!! Just because YOU probably fucked whatever had a heartbeat(or didnt breath)doesnt give you the right to bash white women either.NEWSFLASH: THERE IS NO WHITE WORLD. There is only one world the God created that people throve in and pathetic asses like you live in. Get a grip, try growing up (what are you 12?). Its 2010 hun, and what you just put out into the world, really insults your parents....(unless they think like you, then you really are lost.)

  57. Guest19072911

    I am a 20 year old, young, dark skinned, educated, gorgeous, employed, loving,sweet, black woman. and I must say.....You have written the most absolute dumbest thing that I have EVER read. Black women of all shades are freakin GORGEOUS! Just because you're bitter about your sorry looks doesn't give you the right to bash African American women. Have you ever stopped to think that just maybe it is white women who prefer black men? h**l, did you even think before you decided to share your worthless, stupid, and raciest opinion? How did you even form your pety thoughts? White women who sleep with black men will f**k anything??? really???!! Just because YOU probably fucked whatever had a heartbeat(or didnt breath)doesnt give you the right to bash white women either.NEWSFLASH: THERE IS NO WHITE WORLD. There is only one world the God created that people throve in and pathetic asses like you live in. Get a grip, try growing up (what are you 12?). Its 2010 hun, and what you just put out into the world, really insults your parents....(unless they think like you, then you really are lost.)

  58. Why do so many black men prefer white women over other races and especially black women?
    Good question!
    First answer: black women are so f*****g ugly, not the mulattoes, they can be beautiful, because they have white features. The real negro women can stop clocks with their faces. I have to divert my eyes when I see one, looking at one can actually make you sick.
    A black man will pass up a good looking dark woman to be with an ugly white woman.
    He feels he is being accepted as a human being, by a member of a superior race.
    Quite an accomplishment!
    Of course he isn't accepted, because white men no longer consider the woman to be human.
    They know she is mentally ill, and should be given a frontal lobotomy.
    A white woman who would have s*x with a black man would also have s*x with a dog, or a horse, and everyone knows that. (Although I did see a s*x show in Mexico, and the Senorita who was having s*x with a horse said she would never do it with a black man.)
    It just makes them feel like they are actually human beings that fit in the White World.
    Almost every white guy has s*x with  black woman, we don't parade them around. It's not something we're proud of.

  59. Black men think a most black girls are UGLYYY and have the worst ghetto attitudes (my black friend told me all this) Thats why they go for white women because they're generally more attractive and an easy target...a lot of white women go for black men too which is odd...You see a lot of half white and half black ppl and you wouldnt be surprised...a lot of my white girl friends have dated or dating black men...BUT WHO CARES ABOUT DIFFERENT RACES DATING EACH OTHER..THATS WHAT UNITED STATES IS ALL ABOUT IS DIVERSITY...

  60. its simple most of the black women i have heard about or experianced do not like to get down with the get down in the bed so alot of white women are easier on there black men then black women and white women are more sexually active than black women

  61. Could it be because black women are so f*****g ugly?
    Next time you go near a black beauty salon store front, check out the pictures in the window of beautiful women, none of them are black, they are all mulatto.
    Even the black salon owners know, black is not beautiful.
    Mulattoes can be very beautiful.
    Black women are not.

  62. For the person before me that responded be quiet if you have nothing to say or contribute to the conversation, so to you all black people are ugly, is that you answer to why black american men are preferring other races over black men. that's why I'm raising my kids to only marry black people, this is why black american females have a hard time finding partners because of idiots like you.

  63. Hello....
    For all of you ugly people, Find some one no matter he/she is black/white/yellow/purple or green and have a meaning ful relationship. stop whining around and be human.
    use the internet for a different purpose and be happy.
    Life is short and comes to you at fast.

  64. America is a free country, Black people loves POWAH! regardless of their s*x...

  65. good question im black and have had a white boyfriend for almost a year. and to the lil so called white girlwhat your said isnt at all true just listen to rap  thay call there girls  h03s  b*****s and what not  ya you be the judge   and  you say black guys are more loyal than white guys  psh i gave up dateing black guys cuz the just blah  but ya   so all i say is let all the reject white girl do as thay wish  and that just leavs us black girl with all the yumy smexy white guys   :D

  66. its not that we are left overs its just that we dont want them redish looking short d**k guys

  67. maybe you should ask black american men that question, they are always the one preferring other races over their women but your question is not completely accurate if 90% of african american men are with black women.

  68. Have Anyone Thought It May Be The Other Way Around? I've Been To A Lot Of Places As A Musician And On The Internet And I Have Experienced More Caucasian Women Being The Chaser And Not The Black Male, Unless You Have Some Situations That There Is A Mutual Love And Like On A True Scale, Not Fetish And s*x Drivrn Scale, If God Was Angry With Miriam For Being Mad With Moses For Marrying Outside His Tribe Then Who On Terra Firma To Be Really Saying Or Asking This Question, LOVE HAS NO COLOR!

  69. In America The epitome of beauty is white women, and some black american men have falling for this & chase non-black women over their own. They have made excuse's that their women have attitudes, high maintenance, or they are fat & ugly, but I have seen black women in America with non of these negative qualities & they are still by passed for white women. I have seen black american men, not the majority but a significant amount, especially the young ones do this to their women. They Have given room for white men, white women, biracial children from black american fathers to speak badly of black women. What is so sad is black american are loyal to their men more then they are to them; and these women are trained from young ages to be with their men but if those men are not trained the same way or are not showing that attitude in return how do they expect black american women to be with their men. You never see white or Asian men do this to their women. If black Americans don't fix this problem, then in the future they won't exist any more. Thank God Foreign black men from the Caribbean & especially Africa don't do this to their women and vice versa. That's why many black american women are marrying foreign black men in higher numbers and moving with them & adapting to the culture.

  70. The women that I have seen with black guys are not really wanted by whites, Most of the time they are the left overs. In general the blacks as usual are just looking for some one to take care of them. Jobs you have to admit are not the black mans strong suit.

  71. its disgustingly true they do  but who blames them.. have you ever seen a black woman? eww  but most white woma are beutiful  seriously idk its just disgusting seing all these black men with all these white women  it makes me want to vomit  and many say that its not true well belive me were i live atleast it is true  back when i was single seemingly EVERY white woman i asked out "i only like black guys, sorry" and everywere i looked black men with white women  and they leave us with the black women  alot of guys just adapt and take whats there and now almost all couples are interracial and its sick

  72. its disgustingly true they do  but who blames them.. have you ever seen a black woman? eww  but most white woma are beutiful  seriously idk its just disgusting seing all these black men with all these white women  it makes me want to vomit  and many say that its not true well belive me were i live atleast it is true  back when i was single seemingly EVERY white woman i asked out "i only like black guys, sorry" and everywere i looked black men with white women  and they leave us with the black women  alot of guys just adapt and take whats there and now almost all couples are interracial and its sick

  73. That's only in the African American community,specifically of the young generation. I don't see foreign black men, especially african men do that. Despite that 90% of african american men are with black women, so I have to disagree with you, your question is based on stereotypes. just because you see a few IR between black american men & white women doesn't mean the represent the majority of black men.

  74. what I know is I have a dream, and I have seen the promise land, and it has no blacks or Mexicans in it.

  75. why ya'll so racist? it's 2010! U white guys r just jealous that u cant get a white woman hardly nomore. I'm white, i dont look like it somehow i hav rough hair that i hav 2 put oils and kinds of things in. i get picked on by all my family about it. and everyones always thought i was biracial. where i live is mostly just blacks. all i date is black guys. and thats cause they treat u way better. u white guys just sit on ur asses and dont do s**t and fuss at a woman, and treat her like a dog. and then 2 tha black women, just keep lookn 4 a black guy that falls in love wit u. if u cant, find sumthn else. theres plenty men out there that would treat u like a queen that u are.

  76. I don't see how most white women feel that they can answer this question so easily with their silly answers saying love is blind, race doesn't matter, blah blah blah.  And to these women:  How the h**l do you know?? In this situation you are considered the standard of beauty for these type of men.  If you were a dark skinned black woman with the same exact character and personality that you have do you really believe these black men would look at you the same way they do now??  You'd be lucky if they even look at you at all.  That is why, it's very hard to believe if black men who hook up with white women is for love because it could be just that it is your white skin that makes love color blind for him.  In other words, any white woman will do, as long as she is white.

    That said, as a black woman, I had a double whammy in getting a black man:  I was independent and had a promising career.  When I dated white or latino men, they like the fact that I was career oriented, passionate about life and fun loving.  With black men, it seemed I always had to dumb myself down to keep him, eventually I started to figure that maybe black men just are not my type.  

    But I was completely wrong with that too, a black man found me to change that.  He wasn't just a black man, but he was simply the best man besides my father I have ever met.  I can truly say that if I die tomorrow, I know what real love feels like.  

    Yes, it is true that a lot of black men are bigots when it comes to the color of a woman's skin.  And most white women who these black men date are oblivious to the fact that most of them were chosen because of their race.  But there are black men out there that are blindsided by the negative light black women are put in and find us attractive.  I say that because there are today a lot of black women who feel unloved, and unappreciated not because of their lack of morals or education, but simply because they have dark black skin.

  77. This whole thing is stupid, I am a white female, have very good black and white friends, and have dated black and white men and have too much respect for them to bash anyones race. When someone is looking for a soulmate they dont start their search by picking what race the person sahll be, they look for desirable qualities in a person and if that person happens to be a different race then so be it.

  78. that's not true. I am an asian/japanese women and I been inlove with this african-american guy for 10 years. he used to live in Nigeria and he came to the united states for a job. we went to college together and he was a straight A student. his IQ was 140 and he was highly,higly Intelliegnt and most white guys that I come accross are ignorant walking with their klan crew,smoking,killing innocent people and taking pride in dog sh**. but color is blind to me,I love him with all my heart,he is the man I always dreamed of. since 1987,we got married and It was the happiest day of my life. mixed kids with japanese and black in them. 50/50. equal amount. I don't care what any of you evil terds say or what sterotypes you make. black people are good and bad,beautiful and ugly,smart and dumb. they are not perfect and I like Obama. Michelle is lucky and the two are not racist. besides,black people have a long histoy of culture. I love him!! me and him are meant to be.

  79. I shared a moment with my fiance the other week. while visiting a museum , one of the exhibits was called" with liberty and justice for all." This exhibit explored the proud and painful evolution of American freedom, from the Revolutionary War through the struggle for civil rights. One of the most amazing moments for me was having the opportunity to see the very bus that Rosa Parks made a stand for equality and freedom. My fiance and I sat in the very same seat that Rosa Parks once held her ground for the fight of equality. Having the opportunity to share such a moment with him, I think has made us that much stronger. Our relationship is a blessing due to many great triumphs through our cultures and our past. Everyday we should find an aesthetic beauty in the life around us, not the bitter angst that you may have towards others.

  80. I know many black men as i am black myself..they told me it's because they are easeier to get than coloured women, but when a beautiful woman of colour walks by, the black man would drop his 'white' girl for a bit of colour

  81. In my opinion, this issue dates back to the days of American chattel slavery. Brothers were never able to honor, protect, and cherish their women. Nowadays, Brothers equate freedom and equality to having a white woman on their arms.

  82. Most white women are beautiful.

  83. well, I think we are both right. You really love your white fiance. And love is love - the colour does not matter. Should not matter!!! But you speak about you and your experience. I know well quite a few black man and all of them want white woman. They do not say they want to find true love but a white woman! Why? The answer I gave here last time was an answer of my black 'friend'....They also want a white woman to show off when they go back home...somehow it is very posh to show with a white woman in Africa...I was also told this by a black guy...

  84. I'm a black guy; my fiancee is white.  I don't hate black women.  My mom and my sister are two beautiful smart wonderful women; I love them so much.  My dad loves my mom, My sister is an engineer, my mom is a realtor, my dad is an engineer.   I'm an accountant, I became good friends with a woman at work (she's an accountant also) and  then we started dating and now we've been engaged for 18 months, get married in July!  My folks love and respect her just like the've done for my black girlfriends.  Her folks love and respect me.  Our families take trips together, and our parents get along well.  I guess all I'm saying here is that people are people.  You meet someone, you fall in love, you make a family.  It's that simple.  Why do some people make it so complicated?

  85. i think white women comes closer to what a woman should be than any other race. especially when it comes to s*x

  86. This is all so sad. I unfortunately live in Cali now. I a of color. For the white people that think I stink and I am greasy, We are all stinky and greasy. I can prove it over and over again. Unfortunately something twisted in black guys head when they "BAGGED OR MARRIED" A white woman. I know because, as I walk around my hood, every last black guy that has had a white woman, look at me like, DON'T EVEN LOOK THIS WAY, I am in with the white chics, no need for you anymore. I was only trying to say Hi LOL I am told I am cute, look 20 younger than my age, I have a tight fit body and wear my hair natural. Young guys(a few black,white,spanish) chase me all the time. white and black and spanish men tell me I am cute, but in this "hood" where I live, a black guy personality shoots through the roof when he is with white women. If I am by myself with a black guy around here, he puts his head back on straight. Being in the military, I have only male friends, all the black guys talk some real trash about why they like white women and white woman will not just admit why all races like you. Same concept as when we were in high school(no matter what neighborhood) all guys like the easiest girls, she will all ways have the floor, now just take that to a global level and wahlah, who da heck's the easiest. Ask  a white guy, who da heck's the easiest. That's who will always be in. And to all the white guys that undress me all the time, when there family is not around(loooooots of 'em), Thanks for hiding and not supporting. What are you afraid of, Dilly black guys, be for real.

  87. Because black man are more agressive and racist and they want to minimise and eradicate white population. They often think that black plus white equals black and are suprise when someone tells them they still may have white kids. If they marry white woman, she will probably will not give birth to white kids. They think: the less white kids the better.

  88. The answer is simple: have you seen black women?  would anyone in their right mind want to have s*x with one? I mean the god-awful smell, greasy animal skin.. hair full of chemicals to get the nappiness out so it will look somewhat like human hair. And their big foul-mouths never shut up...they're violent too..You p**s off a black she-boon and there's a good chance it will kill you while you are asleep. You would be better off having s*x with a gorilla at the zoo...would probably smell better too. That's why negro men like white girls.

  89. All I have to say is if he is not married to you than no one took your man. A man will look for a woman that suites him. Anyone who is secure themselves will not feel the need to down another person based on superficialities. I feel that people who have not accomplished anything worth mentioning will always brag about something they did nothing to acquire such as "race". I am not saying not to be proud of your who and what you are. But are those the only attributes that you have which are worth mentioning. I laugh at how ignorant some people sound when their only claim to fame is their race. I say be proud of who you are and date who you want to date. Do not listen to ignorant fuckers who have nothing better to do with themselves, except hate on others. Chances are they are not doing special with their lives anyways, others wise they would not have time to contemplate someone elses.

  90. There are still way more black men with black women than with white. Don't be an a*s. This has been so overhyped. Most of my friends just want to hook up with a white girl for the taboo aspect(yes I would say its racial if we are being honest) and than move on. Race in this country is so messed up right now on both sides.  Date whoever you want to date and quit making these stupid topics.

  91. There are still way more black men with black women than with white. Don't be an a*s. This has been so overhyped. Most of my friends just want to hook up with a white girl for the taboo aspect(yes I would say its racial if we are being honest) and than move on. Race in this country is so messed up right now on both sides.  Date whoever you want to date and quit making these stupid topics.

  92. Im biracial meaning i come from a white mom and black dad( irish and jamaican) i think its whatever floats your boat.. racism stopped long time ago.. colour shouldnt matter anymore. But.. i do have a problem when i see those white girls that ACT black and tryna speak patwa.. Look in the mirror. And when im with my family i have those black women that look our family up and down, and say racial stuff.. "gyal tink she to good, cause she ah deal with black mon".. thats ignorance. At the end of the time RACE SHOULDNT MATTER.. LOVE whoever you want to love, the world needs DIVERSITY!

  93. Im biracial meaning i come from a white mom and black dad i think its whatever floats your boat.. racism stopped long time ago.. colour shouldnt matter anymore. But.. i do have a problem when i see those white girls that ACT black and tryna speak patwa.. Look in the mirror. And when im with my family i have those black women that look our family up and down, and say racial stuff.. "gyal tink she to good, cause she ah deal with black mon".. thats ignorance. At the end of the time RACE SHOULD MATTER.. LOVE whoever you want to love, the whole needs DIVERSITY!

  94. Well f**k me,  how many ignorant c***s are on here!?!  To the white biggots - f**k you - trashy, scummy inbred morons who will do nothing with their live. To the black biggots who generalise about white people - f**k you too.  Educated people OF ALL RACES can appreciate one another - dumb fuckers will always find a bone to pick,  It's 2010 people - start f****n' thinking like it.  And while you twats are at it - drop your f*****g religion bollocks too, your making the sane peoples lives a f*****g nightmare.  To all the civil people on here - sorry about the obscenities :O)

    Also I'd like to mention that the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites for over 400 years - don't see that little cookie being brought up too much.

  95. let's be real - most of the black men i see with white girls are the ones we dont want anyway. I can tell right off the bat. Let them have thier white girls and enjoy. I love a black man that loves and appriciates a black woman as their are qualities about us that a white woman will never in a million years duplicate. A real man knows these things. So white girls when you are with your black man and you see him checking out a black woman please know that we were made for them in every way. Our bodies- minds - and souls are biult to receive them. You are just preference to one of our cast-a-ways. I reallyhate to be so mean but its time you know these things. Never in a million years will i understand what is so attractive about pink skin and whits milky fleshtones. Black women are beautifull - this is why white girls whatch us so hard - my sharp sista's know exactly what im talking about.

  96. B/C Niggers are jealous and n****r females are inferior. f*k ALL NIGGERS!!

  97. I am a biracial good looking man and I think a good majority of black women are poor and weren't in stable households with parental figures. Race doesn't matter, education and poverty does. Overall, I think black people are still struggling to overcome oppression. I personally used to only date black women for about 8 years until the drama, cheating, and lies became too much. This was through a multitude of relationships with black women. I'm sure there are good black women that are attractive out there but there is only so much time to find someone and I've dated a lot of great asian and white women that seem to have fewer problems and are easier to get a long with.

  98. cuz white girls are smart, rich, have perfect bodies, and sexually inclined, nurturing and dependable.

  99. Guest13070224
    2 months, 29 day(s) ago
    it makes me laugh to read your blog that white women tan and have butt/breast implants! However, you black women do the same with your european fake hair that looks like a small mammal that has been run over after a few weeks all matted and nasty. You use coloured contact lenses to get european eye colour. You use creams to make yourselves lighter which incidently looks hillarious when your face is ten times lighter than your big manly black hands! You are going for surgery to make your noses more refined rather than splatted across your faces. So no wonder your men are going for us really is it?

    You are pretty stupid - the reason a lot of black women do that is because they have bought into the white man and woman's world of seeing things - we have been made to feel inferior so there is your answer, that does not explain why you use hair extensions and have to tighten your faces when you hit 18 because you look close to 50 at 18, I hate sinking to your level but you need a taste of your own medicine and some education you arrogant white cow!

  100. Its not a matter of preference but one of availability. Of all women, white women outnumber the other races. Most black men are attracted to women of all races. I'm an African American, and I have a white girl friend, and I've had blac girlfriends in the past. I decided years ago I wouldn't discriminate because its a statistical disadvantage. The odds of me finding a compatible black woman are a lot lower than finding just a compatible woman.

  101. I am a white women!! and I can tell just by looking at a white girl if they date black men they have that look about them.. they talk differant dress differant do there hair differant everything about them is differant. they have a few kids with a black man then he leaves to go to the next white girl that will have him.. then A white man don't want her no more she's used goods broken no good !!!!

  102. I have sit here a wasted all this time reading all this bullshit.....this is all crazy....C'mon people now smile on your brother everybody get together try to love one another right now!!!

  103. Maybe its just to do with attraction. I am in the UK, a black single female, i am s**y and physically attractive and intelligent,  but i have noticed more lately that when i go out partying with my white girlfriends, black guys tend to hit on them more than me! To the point that i am noticing and feel a little inadequate about it! So i would say that black men dating white women is on the increase. If this is the case, then fair play if it because its white women they are more attracted to, but if they are deliberately passing up on a sister because of negative reasons, then that is just wrong!

  104. Maybe its just to do with attraction. I am in the UK, a black single female, i am s**y and physically attractive and intelligent,  but i have noticed more lately that when i go out partying with my white girlfriends, black guys tend to hit on them more than me! To the point that i am noticing and feel a little inadequate about it! So i would say that black men dating white women is on the increase. If this is the case, then fair play if it because its white women they are more attracted to, but if they are deliberately passing up on a sister because of negative reasons, then that is just wrong!

  105. There is so much ignorance that is apparent on this site it amazes me. From my perspective, people choose to be with people outside of their race for a variety of reasons.

    Black males, from my experience chose white women over black women for one of many reasons.

    1 - They have been socially conditioned to believe that white women are more attractive, alluring, sexually compliant, etc. This may be due to media influence and/or personal experience. Regardless, white women stimulate them sexually whereas white women do not.

    2 - They harbor feelings of self-loathing. These are the brothers that were ridiculed for being too dark-skinned or too light-skinned or for having undesirable black or white features; generally they were outcasts for not fitting into African American society for some reason. Therefore, they find comfort in being with a white woman; to the it is kind of retribution, a slap in the face to those who criticized them in their childhood. Dennis Rodman is a good example of this. Black women ridiculed him because of his unattractiveness so now he only dates white women.

    3 - They lack self-esteem. These are the brothers that buy into the stereotype that white women will do anything to please a man; be it sexually, emotionally, or financially. These are the brothers that in my opionion are too weak to handle a woman of substance of any race.  I've had brothers tell me they prefer white women because they give them money, will clean their house and let them do anything they want.  This type of man is simply a man of weak character and in my opinion, any woman he gets he should hold onto to save the rest of us from him.

    I am a black woman, 35 and never married. I date men of all races but have found that with my educational background and life experiences, I tend to have more in common with Caucasion men. However, if a black man came into my life, race would not be a prerequisite for me to pursue a relationship.

    I believe black women are single because they:

    1) Are not as willing as black men to date interacially. Therefore, they will go through sorry brother after sorry brother rather than giving a white man a chance.

    2) They have been through a lot of drama with black men and simply are not ready emotionally to build a sustainable relationship.

    3) They haven't met Mr. Right and are not willing to settle for Mr. Right-Now.

    At any rate, we should all put the racisim and bigotry aside and realize that we are all just people. Race is a miniscule factor. The key is knowing yourself and why you make the choices that you do.

  106. I for one am SOOOO TIRED of hearing why black men prefer other women over their own kind sometimes I wish black women would finally get their respect when it comes to relationships, that we are just as loving caring and attractive, not all of us are ghetto just like not all white girl are s***s, but it is obvious that day WILL NEVER come.  And the way its going anyways it doesn't matter, I don't forsee a black race in the future of races, no body wants to be black anymore and they don't want their kids to be.  Darwin's survival of the fittest applies to race if anything, if a race is deemed to be inferior in this society eventually it will dwindle such as the black race

  107. It's me again, Guest14609033,  I meant to say "Affirmative Action" like dating tactics!! lol

  108. As an black female I get tired of hearing what a black man's preference is vs a black woman, if you want a white woman get one, it doesn't have to be because of some negative connotation against me because I am black and female.  I have confidence in myself to know that I do not need black men's approval of whether I am his type or not.  I like ALL men, regardless of race, it is more about chemistry, personality, and looks.  A black man dissing me because of my skin color is no different then a white man not wanting me for my color.  To each its own, I'd rather black men date their preference rather than feeling some obligation to date and marry black women.  I do not believe in "alternative action" like dating tactics.  Brothers do me no favor when they say stupid things like they find white women attractive but they will not date them because they are not black.  1.  It shows their racist bigotry 2.  It makes me uncomfortable to be with him to know that he finds other women attractive and will not pursue them because of their race, therefore, he is with me by default of my skin color, not necessarily because he finds me to be the best woman of all the ones he met.  In short, yeah, I am a black woman and according to statistics, the odds are in favor for me to be single or become a single mother, or whatever. But I just want a regular guy that is not caught up in all those issues, one who is colorblind and find me to be the best woman he's ever met.  Thankfully, I can say that I am with a man who is that guy I was looking for and I will take these negative attacks against black women to heart and love him the best way I know how, because he didn't believe the negative hype about black women and gave me a chance

  109. What did the person mean black women sleep around more? Typical stereo-type. White women are pure whores! They are just discreet with theirs, don't be fooled. I think this question is legitimate and the reason black men like white women is because they lack self esteem and feel as though society will accept them with the snow bunny on his arm. However, once things don't go the snow bunnies way, he is still and always will be a N***r to her.

  110. I think the reason is that black men simply find white women more attractive, s**y and appealing.  Sorry, its just too many gorgeous white women out there to pass up.  Also a lot of white women don't have the baggage that society poses on black women.  Most white girls are financially stable and can hang out and party more where as black women don't have that luxury.  Most so call good black women are busy working to earn a living, and don't do well in a social setting.  So with the black woman you either get the ho or the stuck up.  With white women there's a balance, maybe from better circumstances of upbringing.  And yes there is something sensual about having a white women as a black man, I don't know why maybe because its kind of the forbidden pleasure thing still.

  111. @ Guest14543060
    I guess you are speaking from experience. Well as a Educate black man who is single never married and no children, who respects all WOMEN.  Ihave never desired a white women, but have worked with them of whom I became attracted to but never followed up because I wanted a educated black sistah. I haven't been successful with a sistah yet...but I'm not putting down black women. Your anger shows how the black men have treated you....I'M SORRY FOR YOUR PAST. But please don't put me with those cheaters, women beaters,lazy bombs and noncommittment black men.  I am seeking a woman(race don't matter) but perfer a beautiful black woman, who is educated, caring, strong, able to carry a conversation intelligently and be able to love me for me instead of trying to correct me in front of a crowd, or demean me to being down my ego. Black women have alot of love to give, but yes we as black men don't act right at times(me included) because we are always seeking instead of being satisfied with what we have, but black woman always remember in order to keep the man; you must do the samething to win him in the first place.  Being bitter is not an excuse to demean black men. Only 7% black men marry white women, so technically black men marry black women at an 93% clip. Maybe the black men you are attracting is the wrong type, so you need to cheak yourself on why are you choosing black men who will lie, cheat, steal, not take responsiblity for his actions, fail to take care of your needs, and fail to take care of his children.  I am a member of the armed forces and have many women who approach me in different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Europe and other countries, but have waited to find my queen is will be faithful, loyal to me. I'm not chaseing white women(being tempted) but as a 32 years old black man who have many options on a mate because of the fact I work, pay my own bills, have my own car, take care of my widowed mother, and go to church every Sunday. So yes, men with options have better choices to make than men who have no jobs, criminal records, babies from 5 different women in the community, and refuse to get an adequate education to sustain thier families on this earth. So your bitterness is really directed towards those men who I just mention above who have no goals or a life, my question to you is; when will you present yourself to a worthy man to care for you and not hurt/use you for your body?

  112. I am a black woman and I can tell you that I do NOT want a black man.  Most of them love being black men but hate their African features and subconsciously seek to dilute these so called "unattractive" features from their gene pool.  

    Most of them are lazy and very bias in their own relationships, are wife beaters, unsatisfied and degrading to especially black women.

    They do not appreciate black women so why should black women show them the love back?  

    I cringed when I hear the latest rap song that glorify the idealism of having a white woman on their arms, but stimulate black women just enough so that they can sucker them out of their pocket books.  

    Message to BLACK MEN:  ErrUmm we black women are NOT single because you don't want us, we are single because we are tired of your BS!!!  

    And soon we'll stop having your babies!  

    The rest of non black women will only start to realize what we already know:  they you are OJ's, Tiger Woods (sorry if you are darker than the brown paper bag, you will be looked as black no matter what nationality you claim), Micheal Vicks, and Ike Turners of the world and that you are not faithful partners.  

    White women can have you!  For once, they are doing us a favor!!!!  :)

  113. Because black women sleep around i.e. baby drama. Compared to white women, the white women are better! Better aattitudes, no drama, ect ect.

    And yes, this is coming from a 21 year old black man. :)

  114. if they have a white woman, they feel they are as good as a white guy.

  115. Black women are the most racist of the human race, they have sucky attitudes, and they are just plain stupid!

  116. because white women flag the black man down. Also the white woman has a moonlike a*s - so the black man is moonstruck by his c**k penetrating something that is so lighter than him. It makes him the more intrigued by it. Moreover, it has been forbidden for so long that the white women back in slavery days used to sneak and f**k the black man as the white man used to sneak and f**k the black woman. So that makes it all the more interesting since now it doesn't have to be hidden.

  117. Well first of all, there is not a pure race anymore!!! The White Illuminati Mind Controlling Media, tells some people what to think of everyting; including themselves!!! See the media will play up the cream of the crop white women, I stated this before on a couple of blogs already.  The media will use Heidi Klum,Cindy Crawford,Sandra Bullock,Paris Hilton, and Julia Roberts to 'program' our minds to what beauty is! Then the media will turn around and use Whoopi Goldberg,Star Jones,and Oprah whom many consider unattractive. But keep it even!! Use Viviva A. Fox,Janet Jackson,Kimora Lee Simmons,Gabrielle Union,Sally Henson,Paula Patton,Halle Berry,Beyonce,and Tyra Banks! Use attractive African American or Biracial Sisters that can hold a candle to the cream of the crop white women!  So many of us whether Biracial,African American,Asian, Indian,or Hispanic are always potrayed as negative in the media! Many of us have college degrees that have graduated with a high g.p.a. White people and sometimes other people of color have told me that I am beautiful and exotic looking.  I am told that I look like I am either Mexican,Half Black/Asian,Half/Mexican,or Indian. What the heck? Like I supposed to 'thrilled' because of my unique look? Yes I attract many Caucasian Men,Mexican Men,African American Men,and etc.  But looking mixed or being mixed does not make one any better than the next person.  For the record, Hair Weaving and Wigs started with the White Woman!!! Many White Women wear fake hair all of the time!!! Many of us women of color have been approached on how beautiful our hair is!! AND I AM TALKING ABOUT NATURALLY SWEETIE!!! MANY OF US HERE HAVE NATURALLY CURLY HAIR,WAVY HAIR,AND EVEN STRAIGHT HAIR DOWN OUR BACKS!!! I know plenty of white women who wear fake hair pieces!!

    Famous white women that wear fake hair: Paris Hilton,Jessica Simpson,Britney Spears,and sometimes Nikky Hilton! Don't get it twisted! Again; stop allowing the illuminati to program your mind! Use the brain that the LORD JESUS gave you people!!! WE all are human,we should be loving one another and helping one another!!! God Bless!!

  118. If you understand why rappers who humiliate women get so many women to sleep with them, then you'll understand why more and more black men are marrying white women.  Most black American women like men for what they have instead of who they are.  That's why most rappers rap about their cars, money, jewelry, and how many women they have.  Most black American women want to be "a strong black woman".  Do you realize most "strong black women" are single?  They are so strong to the point they do not know how to be in a relationship.  The white women do (at least better than most black women).  A white woman will fall in love with a man because he's a doctor.  A black woman will fall in lust with a man because he's got nice rims on his car.  So, if you're a black doctor, it is more likely you will marry a white woman, because the black women don't know how to be in a relationship with a person who talks about the stock market instead of the latest news about 50 cent.  They don't know how to be in a relationship with a man who talks about enrolling in college next semester to complete his Masters.  I'm not waiting for the black women to catch up; I'll just get me a white woman.

  119. I think that many black men prefer white women is because they think they will be treated better, better s*x, better housewives, and better attitude. I'm not saying that every black man likes white women but there seems to be a large majority of them that do. I don't think that many black women accept the ideal of any black man being with a white woman even if they are in a good relationship. When it comes to beauty, society stills puts the general stereotype of European standards in comparison to the African-American women. If you go to any local gym or aerobics facility then you can find a lot of hot-looking white women there, every once in a while you will see a black woman there. I guess another thing is that black woman worry too much about the way their hair looks when working out and other things. However I think many black men would give a thousand reasons or more of why they prefer white woman over black woman but you can also apply the same thing when it comes to black women with white men. Race shouldn't matter when choosing a mate but other people think it does matter to them. In the end, our blood all comes out red and we all come from the human race.

  120. From what I've seen, it's mainly a demographic thing. If you want my scientific opinion, It is common within the 20-30 year group moreso than anywhere else. The younger black man likes the younger white women because of the way they dress. White women who go out all the time and live the "club life" tend to dress S****y, predominately showing her a*s. Nothing wrong with this at all, but that a*s, is young black man's cryptonite. h**l, even most white guys can appreciate it, I know I can. As we get a little older, and after many unpaid bills and beatings, they typically slide back over to white guys. That is if he hasn't had enough kids that he cant afford to raise with her. Just like music and clothes, another thing the black man has ruined. Thanks. If there was a mission to build a boat and send you back, I would camp out just to be the first in line.

    And to Guest13939916, We accept your thank you only if you accept ours right back for contributing 83 percent to our crime rate in america and using our tax dollars to house 25 percent of your "homies" in prison.  OHHHHH and I almost forgot.... thank you for the most useless f**king president we have ever had. Why hasn't there ever been a black president before? Thats why.

  121. listen i think ppl should stop this blame game as to why what race marry what race,there are bad blacks and bad whites,its all about the individual, alot of man from the caribbean marry a white woman to get there stay in the country not because of love but for a bettter life and thats just one factor,some blackmen to are targetting white women bcoz they feel insecure about their own race and some marry beacuse its simply who they love and race is not an issue to them,u have white men who love black women for s*x and physical features some love and marry a black woman because its who he loves,it is ignorant for a white or black woman to belive they are better than each other,i am sure both women have been cheated on by men in general.i think a white woman struggles to show her dominance and so does a black woman but black woman marry white men and white women black men.why get offended when ppl date outside their race its really not your business.anything bad you can think of in a black person you will see in another race i hate this whole white is better black is better and who can take whose man and your men prefer my race over his race, somtimes men will lie i have a fren who has a white gf and to make her feel secure yet he cheats on her with blackgirls and openly admit that this white girl gives him money and for that he will stay with her. the fact is women shud be more focus on finding the right partner rather than trying establish themselves as being better suited for men of what ever race.there are too many factors why ppl marry out side there race and 50% percent of the time the reason are not good the other 50% do it for love lets just focus on whats important finding a good man or woman, and for get this competetion of whose better c** black and proud and if your white you should be to because it who you are.

  122. black men only date white women cause they are easy and will bow down to them if you realy want a servent as a wife then you are better off being with them.
    to Guest13070224 ur a fool do you ever think i would try and look white i have never try weave or contact lense cause i would never try look like any of u lot white women wear weave too so you are chatting s**t.


  124. I am a Venezuela girl and I do not understand why black woman care about so much the black men.  They are mean to them and disrespecct them on many levels.  Yet, many black women only want to be with them.  I can insult the black man and he will love me more still than any black woman that is always nice to him.  Black women if you want your respect then you must earn respect and stop putting these black man on a pedestal as if they are immortal beings.  Learn to love yourself and find men that love you and you will release the harbor of hate that black men give you by downing you so much all the time.  Sure they will say not all black men do this, but I can tell you of my time here in America that is true but far to many outweigh in rudeness to the black women.

  125. black women are too fat and they have big fat ugly butts.they got bad nasty attitudes.

  126. stay with our own race plz


  128. If you ask me the black women are way to smart to fall for the black mans bull s**t, and the nasty games he plays.. And I am A white girl far from fat, and like to say I am a fine looking girl, Has dealt with same black man for 5 years,cheating on me left and right with white fat b*****s, And now I got smart and realized why black women are more single now, It's better than wondering where the dogg is every night.

  129. They are more intelligent than black women

  130. you guys are soooo funny what is even funnier is that a black man who prefers white women are very racist and stereotypical against their own kind.  The white women that they date are racist against black women by thinking that they are superior because of their skin.  If you ask me, you two belong to each other, racist minds think alike haha!

  131. it makes me laugh to read your blog that white women tan and have butt/breast implants! However, you black women do the same with your european fake hair that looks like a small mammal that has been run over after a few weeks all matted and nasty. You use coloured contact lenses to get european eye colour. You use creams to make yourselves lighter which incidently looks hillarious when your face is ten times lighter than your big manly black hands! You are going for surgery to make your noses more refined rather than splatted across your faces. So no wonder your men are going for us really is it?

  132. hey man am a blk man and all i date is white,blk girls just dont have it. white women love you more make better lovers better mother better house wifes and they look and smell and feel so much better.always love me a white girl     cee

  133. Because African American men hate themselves. They think that their brown skin, broad noses, and nappy hair is ugly. These men want to mate with what they consider to be the epitome of beauty.....white/light skinned women with nap-free, flowing hair. That way when they look at their children, they won't see any of the ugliness that they see in themselves when they look in the mirror. It HAS NOTHING to do with the Black woman's strength of character or her attitude. It HAS NOTHING to do with the White woman's docility. Don't let those Negroes fool you people. Black men are proud & think they are better than everyone else so they are trying to conceal the truth. Black men are trying to blame Black women because they are too ashamed for everyone to know the truth....THE TRUTH IS THEY HATE THEIR NEGROID FEAUTURES and are trying to blend them out of existence by watering their DNA down with White people's refined features.  SECRET's out NEGRO MAN!

  134. why are we blaack people doing this to each other caming hear and say bad thing about eanch other male and femal we  dont see white people doing it or asians people  it very wrong we need to stop this. we been though alot togother we need to be stronge instead of us taking bad about hating one and other. i guse the black man are forgeting want the white people did to us.a long time ago a a black man wasnt aloud to go out with a white gal. but know becouse a white man has gaving him freedom to do so. he thing he has right to disprect a black woman. what colour is your mouther is a sahme on a black man . i dont blame a white man calling a black man dog or n****r becouse look at them chasing after their woman shame on u black man all of u that are with white gals should go to h**l i dnt care really. all off  still kiss a white man a*s. for example look at africa and euprop a white man is doing better for their cunture. africa is so bad want a black man doing bout it nothing dogs u r really dogs go to h***s.

  135. I am a African American female and I am not at all intimidated by white women. To be honest, I've taken a few black guys from white women. They probably hate me, lol.I get hit on by athletes, white guys, Mexicans, and every other race. I'm not light skinned and my hair is only a few inches pass my shoulders. I have confidence in myself and guys feed off of it. I don't talk to every guy who comes my way and the ones who do have the pleaseure will never forget the experience. I stroke their egos, look good everytime I'm with them, cook(in something s**y of course) on a daily basis,I know my sports, I'm educated, I correct my man when he's wrong but never in front of friends or in a degrading way. I makes sure the s*x is good. I'm pretty much willing to try anything that won't kill me. Guys love that s**t and gives me control. Appearance means everything to them. A lot of black women don't keep themselves up. They don't know how to relax and have fun and look good doing it. If you see that men like nice bodies, join a gym, if you're man likes freaky s*x, give it to him. Black is beautiful. Thats why so many white women spend their money on breast, butts, and tans. We're authentic.

  136. My question is why should black women care?  Although over 70% are unmarried and single, BLACK WOMEN are the at the top of the domestic violence list.  And guess whose the one doing the beatings???  Black men.  It may be better off that black men date white women because these men know that if they ever disrespect white women like they do with black women the consequences are unparalleled.  I say black women need to stop asking this dumb question and realize that if a black man wanted you he would wife you and support you.  The evidence is clear, as black women we need to continue to strive towards a better life.  We ask this question over and over when it is clear that black men are marrying white women and not black women in alarming rates.  What part of "He's just not that into you" do we as black women not understand??

  137. I'm a 35 year old black man. At 25 I married a 18 year white girl from AK while I was active duty. I did what I thought was honorable since she told me that she was pregnant after 3 months of dating. We were married for 5 years, during those years she got pregnant 2 more times, but while I was in the field. The other 2 children was by her ex boyfriend who was white. I was used. I separated from and she started a lot drama with my unit and me. She almost had me arrested for domestic violence even though I was living in the barracks because she was still sleeping with her ex. I PCS to a another duty station and met and married a beautiful, smart, s**y a*s black woman. She blew my mind away with her strenght, her intelligence, her independence, just the was she dress, walked, smiled, and she can cook like my mama and then some. My ex heard of my marriage and even though we have one child together she had the nerve to say " watch out for those girls, they will strike you like a snake. They are nothing but mindless b*****s." I never told my wife that. My wife today and I have been married now for 7 years and we have 3 children and one on the way. Not once she brought drama to the house, never cheated (because she was raised in the church). If anything she supports me in my career and she is my right hand. You see, I use to think that most black women were bitter, gold diggers, liars, and the list goes on but since I met my wife I know better. I wouldn't leave her for no one she makes me better and completes me. So white girls you're only a s*x toys to most of us bruthas and the others just don't exist. So the next time you talk bad about a black woman chose your words carefully you might get sue by one who is attonery, judge, your social worker, a recording artist, etc. Trust me you'll never know.

  138. First, I am a victim to why black men prefer other races. I was married to this woman for 13 years, together for 20 years. After we got married and things did not go her way, she got on the phone to 911 trying to get me charged with domestic violence charges. Every single time the police came they knew it was lie and I had to presuade them from taking her to jail for lying. After our first child was born, she lied to the government to collect welfare, she has lied to the IRS, and Social Security. After she gotten what she had wanted out of me, she left, and tried to make it my fault. The biggest kick in the face, was when I found out that she was dating several men, one of whom is a Sexual Predator, and the, list goes on. Therfore, if most black men have suffered half of what I have gone through, I can see why they date other races.

  139. this is stupid. It just is wat it is. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now and he is a black zimbabwean. I'm a white girl and i find that i have a lot more go common with him than i would some white men. I have a lot of african friends that i socialise with but i also have indian, asian and white friends. I frequently get judged by african women for being with an african man but i also have very close african female friends. But those are the minority. I've read here that cos i'm white i'm lazy n will lay down for a man easier n won't stand up for myself. Thats complete bullshit. I've worked since i was 9 years old. I was brought up to respect myself and to stand up for wat i believe in and deserve. My man would tell u that i don't lay a red carpet for him. I'm happy to do things for him as long as it is appreciated. Maybe its different since i'm in australia but i've found bad women both black and white. When they're like that they are the same no matter wat race. I'm with my black boyfriend because i simply have a lot more in common with him then most white men. But there's no way somebody can say that i'm lazy n don't stand up for myself cos i'd be more than able to prove them wrong.

  140. I believe sometimes its opposites attract and sometimes. Its a actual good connection. Some times its a better s*x match its actually strange. But to me its more preference and attraction and mental compatibility. I would say mental attraction comes first be her white black ,yellow, olive what ever the skin color. Am I wrong or am I right a pretty women is a pretty women. But is there mind set strong in a relationship all that matters.  Matching beliefs and such can we get along together. I am African American but I am mixed with white,native American, and who know what. But I have dark skin and I currently dating a what most at sight say is a white women which is true in color. But she is from Russia so she isnt exactly normal American  white women but all women want about the same things to me. Good connection good s*x life and someone that will commit and mean it and know him self. Simple c**p actually but some make it so hard on them selfs with these sterotypes. The best match for you may be another race why limit your self you have better odds of finding a match if you more open minded. So to me its preference I match with this the white women I am with better than any one I have dated actually. I dated someone from Pakistan,Half Mexican and white,Cuban and Japanese,Black, all types of races. Its  all up bringing and mental mind set find a match for you thats the bottom line don't worry about everyone else. Some say don't date this dont date that. I say date who you want if you love them and don't worry about the bull and ignorant people throwing all that anger because they are unhappy with there life. Or are small minded. I like white women and I am set on marrying the  white women I am with currently we match. So no one thing makes a blackman choose over black women its preferences and beliefs and stereotypes its  mixture of things why some dont like black women or date them or bad experiences they never got over or what ever. I personally like all types of races. But found my diamond in a sea of ignorant one track minded people she just happens to be white and I love her dearly. GET OVER IT and I see white men with black women all the time and I have no problem with it. I actually think thats cool thing cant we all just get along.:P

  141. Simple most black guys hate white guys.  Can you think of a better way to get back at white guys.

  142. Sorry Guest3617 but that does sound racist first off there are so many different shades of black women around from very light to very dark. We all have a history of being mixed with many different things throughout history. We can have siblings and not look like one another coming from the same parents, but hey I guess to you we all look alike.

  143. Ok you will have a black man that says a white woman treats them better, some say its because white woman will do what a black woman won't. Well check this out some black men think if they get a white woman they are hurting a black woman's feelings, putting her down as if she is no good.Some men find dating a white woman, is like carrying around a trophy. Some say that all black woman are the same nasty, crazy b*****s, but all of this is coming from a black man's previous relationship WITH THE WRONG SISTA. It was that one black woman, who probably did this brotha wrong so now he thinks every black woman is just like her, when you have black women who don't have time for games and just want to hold her man down and hold down her own like an Independent woman, knows what she wants, strived for her goals, good head on her shoulders and stands by her man through his tough times, then you have that sista that wants to cheat on her man with his friends, sleep with him, have his child for the wrong reasons ok then child support, yeah we get it but DON'T BLAME BLACK WOMEN LIKE ME JUST BECAUSE THAT OTHER BLACK b***h FUCKED OVER YOU I'M NOT HER I REST MY CASE.

  144. Im black, 50 and almost always dated black women. I sometimes regret that decision. Black women like to say all of that arguing and cursing they do is because they are stong willed. My granma (the strongest women I knew) rarely raised her voice and I never heard her curse but you knew when you did something wrong. The women Ive been with and currently with dont appreciate when you do things for them. Xmas 2004 she somehow got into DB purses. I bought that stuff for her $700 and got in return that was stupid and a waste of time. 3k for a tennis bracelet and I got why dont it look like her friends a 1 karat I bought her 5 karats. We have a nice home that I take care of but I never get appreciated for the things that I do but I always know of what Idont do or what we dont have. I dated white one time way back when it was not as accepted and I broke it off, I was immature and not comfortable. but it was great to be appreciated for little things like compliments, gifts and outings. I have a friend white and a co worker hispanic tht married blk and both are crying the blues. Hispanic a cop in divorce says she argue so much he does not want to come home. to blk women if you hav a good guy appreciate him, lov him back & dont be afraid to return a compliment. There is a HUGE diff between a strong woman and a "B"

  145. I am Caucasian female and I am constantly hit on by African American males. Being 5 foot 3 with a size 2 waist and curvy where it counts makes me think that since I am short and curvy this is why African males love my appearance. I have dated a lot of half black half white males and they told me that all the girls they date are white girls with blonde hair. So to answer this question, I simply think that opposites attract! No one can scientifically prove that African males prefer white women that is just societies opinion and usually often said by african females because they think that we are "stealing" their men. i think that is outrageous because how could we possible steal someone that was never theirs in the first place?! I think that African males like the fact that we are different from them and we are exotic to them with our beautiful hair and colored eyes. Recently I started dating a guy from the Nuggets and his best girl friend, who is African American, said that I was only dating him because he was in the NBA, even though she knows that he only dates white females. It made me really upset because when I was set up with him by a friend I had no idea that he was even in the NBA. This is another stereotype that upsets me because people think white females date rich African males just for their money. Jealousy might play a role in that but did it ever occur to people that us white women date men of color because we love their beautiful milk chocolate skin and full lips that make us melt! Why do we have to be the evil gold digging b*****s? I am glad that I live in a time where dating another race isn't frowned upon and I love the people who embrace it. So I wish that the haters would stop hating their fellow African American males for dating us white females because they are free to be happy and for some African males we are what makes them happy!

  146. The only reason all black OR white looks the same is because thats the only d**n thing being looked at.  Im a black women. We come in many shades. Ranging from pitch black to some being mistaken for white women.
    Some may mistake our strong personalities for Bad Attitudes. Thats whats intimidating to everyone. U do have strong white women, dont get me wrong.  But when it comes to being one of us we dont have everything in life handed to you on a silver platter.  Not every blk women with children receives Financial Aid its just that when you do see one with children everyones ASSUMPTION is that she's on it. when people see me they see a young black woman by herself with my son and another one on the way getting on the bus and their assumption would NEVER be that I finished school, married a black man with a JOB, and a good one at that. He's the father to not one but BOTH of my sons.  People are just ignorant. BLK AND WHITE. And a reason Blk men dont prefer blk women over white women is because we DO Argue, we DO Nag, and We DO Fight.  They dont like anyone to threaten their manhood and egos.  BUT I guarantee you that MAJORITY of the time we have a reason. Women intuition and we use it. I know white women like that to but once again the MAJORITY of black women want to be heard and will not be made a fool out of a man so we call them out on their wrongs.  White women are less confrontational.

  147. Niggers iq=75
    Whites iq=106
    and Asians 120
    If you wanna make an appe take a black s**t
    Blacks run as dogs behinf white women and they date at 99%fat white women or ugly

  148. the Black men that are mentioned doing this are african american men. I think people need to stop generalizing and saying black men, because it includes african and caibbean men, which normally marry women from their culture, so start saying why african american men like white women alot not black men, because this culture is embraced in the african american community

  149. Hmmm Well. Everyone is different and everyone has their own taste. You can not put all black men in one category because no one is the same. I'm a white woman, 25 yrs old. I am currently engaged to a black man BUT that's because I love him (not because he is black). I think you should get to know everyone the same no matter the race. I was always taught to treat everyone the same (i.e. race, wealth, status).
    Someone said it because white women are "easy and trashy" That is an unfair statement. Yes there are white women out there who are "easy and trashy" But this can be said about any race. I do believe there are trashy and easy women of all races, sizes etc.
    ALSO "black woman are strong and hard working and isnt fraide to judge".
    First learn how to spell. I (a white woman) am very strong I have dealt with a lot of turmoil in my life. Hard working? I currently have 2 jobs and bust my @ss every single day (7 days a week). Women of all races should be cherished and appreciated! You should admire women period. A black, white, brown, yellow woman's work is hard!
    Bottom line is live and let live. Open you mind! Love isn't about color its about the heart! Everyone's heart looks the same and is capable of the same thing. You will become beautiful (no matter of your color) when you let the hate out and reserve your heart for love!

  150. It is not about color when it comes to black and white it is about FUN! White women who get attracted to black men tend to be generally open minded and lovely to be with. Some also want mixed race kids who looks better and are lovelly!

  151. Deep down it's all a matter of love, not color, age or anything else. If you really love someone, color doesn't matter. It's as simple as that. And I dare think that ONLY TRULY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE HEARTS AND CAN TRULY LOVE CAN UNDERSTAND THIS. So for those of you who think that you could never marry outside of your color--think again. I dare say that this color issue can only play to your advantage because it can be a test of true love for you.  I gotta wonder if loves that never get to be tested are for real. So I say count it a blessing this whole color issue--it's a classic Romeo and Juliet story.

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