Why did Queen Elizabeth execute Mary Queen of Scots in 1587?

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Why did Queen Elizabeth execute Mary Queen of Scots in 1587?




  1. Good answer Jimmy Mac!

    It was the presence rather than the person of MQoS which led to her execution. Because of her catholicism and her strong links to both France and Spain at various times, she was a rallying point for english catholics who sought to overthrow QE1.

    The woman herself was not inclined to think things through, she was impulsive and argumentative and jumped on bandwagons left and right - she was also totally lacking in discretion and allied herself to all sorts of rogues and vagabonds in order to regain her Scottish throne.

    QE1 was a logical and usually rational person who in character was tolerant and accepting of differing religious views, but her supporting ministers, especially Walsingham and Cecil, were hard line protestants who pressed her on a number of occasions to eliminate MQoS.

    When two separate plots were uncovered that were intended to install MQoS as Queen of Scotland and England, Elizabeth was forced to sign the death warrant, against her better judgment and wishes. Well founded: the execution brought the Spanish Armada against a much less powerful England.

    The recent movie The Golden Age, though not faultless in its history, is a clear account of how all this happened.

  2. she was a jealous cow

  3. She didn't like her. She saw Mary Queen of Scots as a rival to her protestant reign (M Q of S was Roman Catholic).

  4. Mary Queen of Scot was a Catholic, and her close relations to the much powerful French court strengthen their powers against England. Elizabeth's first policy toward Scotland was to oppose the French presence there. She feared that the French planned to invade England and put Mary, Queen of Scots, who was in effect the heir to the English crown, on the throne.

    Elizabeth offended Mary by proposing her own former suitor, Robert Dudley, as a husband. Instead, in 1565 Mary married Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, who carried his own claim to the English throne. This was even more of a threat to England, since their offspring will have a better claim to the English crown because Elizabeth was still not married and no issue, and she was claimed "illegitimate" by her own father.

    At first, Elizabeth resisted calls for Mary's death. By late 1586, however, she had been persuaded to sanction her trial and execution on the evidence of letters written during the Babington Plot. Elizabeth did not want to execute her cousin because she was "God Anointed Queen" and to murder her was a sin and against God's wishes. However, pressure from her privy council and fear of Mary taking her crown finally led her to sign Mary's death warrant.

  5. Just like in a hive,you can't have two queens. Sooner or later,one will try for  supremacy and kill the other.

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  7. Mary queen of Scots was a Catholic who was a constant threat to the stability of the protestant English throne of Elizabeth. there were   a number of intrigues aimed at deposing Elizabeth and replacing her with Mary, and restoring Catholicism is Britain. The Babington plot was the event that led directly to Marys downfall. Letters from Mary to Anthony Babington and his letters to her were intercepted by agents of Elizabeths minister of state Francis Walsingham. the letters told of a plot to kill Elizabeth and place Mary on the throne. The plotters were all arrested ,tortured, and executed, and their confessions used to accuse Mary of treason. She was tried and found guilty, and beheaded, at Fotheringay castle.

  8. Because she could.

  9. Two main reasons. She was first her closest royal relative and therefore next in line for the throne of England. Also she was found to be conspiring the assasination of Elizabeth...personally i'd have her executed if she tried to have me bumped off.

    Oh and FYI, she was not the Queen of anywhere! the Scots didn't want her. She was kicked out and here 1year old son was installed.

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