Why .com should prefer for website, what is impact of .biz or .net domain name

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I heard that .com boom is down now but still many folks try to prefer .com domain name, does .com name has some kind of importance in search engines or what are key factors to prefer. com domain name. Similarly what are the disadvantages for opting .net or biz as alternative domain extension if you required name is not available with .com.

Please explain in details.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    .com is still the king of domains. No other domain extension in the world has come close in value and in indexability.  Just do a simple search in google and you will see high majority will be .com domain names.  If i had a choice between .com and any other country level extension, i will choose a .com domain. I say if your required name is not available, still do not go for .net. think of a different name but pick .com.

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