Why are couples having large families these days?

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I'm asking this question to get honest answers and I'm not criticizing in any way. It just seems to me that my grandparents' generation had families with 4 to 6 children and my parents' generation had usually 1 to 3 kids. Now I'm seeing families with 4 to 6 kids again.

I understand that when my grandparents were having babies it was during the baby boom after the war and when my parents were having their kids it became common to have both parents in the workforce.

Nowadays I notice a lot more moms staying at home to raise their kids, including myself.

So, aside from religious reasons, can you tell me why we are experiencing another baby boom?

I have 2 kids.




  1. I would think the answers to this question are obvious.

    1. They can afford it

    2. They like to have s*x

    3. They like children

  2. We have 5 kids.. My worry is not like people like me and my husband having alot of kids, what worries me is the people who don't give a dam about raising good kids having 6, 7, 8 kids.

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