Why Compare Kobe & Jordan's Careers. Kobe may play 8-9 More Years?

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Why do people insist on making historical compaisons between the two. Kobe is still only 29 Years Old!




  1. some people do not like kobe bryant and jordan is thought of as jesus by some people.

  2. Michael Jordans the best of all time.........but Kobe is the best right now and he will break the nba scoring record that Kareem holds

  3. exactly! tell all the haters that!

  4. What up RJ,

    i concur.  If Kobe were to retire today- and you look at the lifetime achievements of MJ and Kobe- you'd have to give the nod to MJ.

    But the thing is-- Kobe still has at least 5-8 years left and he can win multiple rings and MVP(s) in that time- that would then merit the comparison.  

    Kobe and MJ are most comparable in terms of their will to win- and i think that you can't fairly compare to the two until it's all said and done for KB24.


  5. mabye kobe might play a bit longer;...

  6. He's not going to play 8-9 more years. How do you know he won't hurt his legacy in the next few years anyway.

    He could get injured tomorow and never play an NBA game ever again

    Choking in the NBA finals doesn't make you the greatest of all time

  7. so the media can talk about.

    so Yahoo Answers can talk about it.

    so me and you and Nickster can talk about it.

  8. 5 years max. for sure this is his first and last olympics

  9. Wait.  You can't compare Kobe and Jordan.  Jordan paved the way to the current superstars.

    The reason why there is Kobe, LeBron, DWade, ...and others is because they all looked up to JORDAN.  They idolized him at some point in their lives.

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