Why Ashley Cole is the only World Class player in England

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Can someone tell me that why Ashley Cole is the only World Class player in England




  1. Ashley has been at the top of his trade for more than a few years now, he has redefined the role of a conventional left back and has left other contenders light years behind. You can sit and try to count his non-existent defensive mistakes or you could count the number of times he has terrorized the right-backs with his marauding forays forward. Undoubtedly he is the only player in Capello’s (and managers before him) squad whose selection is never doubted.Ashley is an attacking wingback with a natural instinct for attacking, equipped with impeccable defensive savvy and boundless energy – we all watched Maicon against Gareth Bale and how he was reduced to smithereens by the young Welshman and then ask yourself how often you see Cole getting hammered like that on the other wing. After all, he played against Cristiano Ronaldo for Chelsea, and Arsenal both and never suffered a fate as humiliating as Brazilians, he played against Messi for England and Chelsea and still came out with his reputation intact and suggesting that Bale is better (even in his current form) than Messi or Ronaldo is a blasphemy of the highest order.

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