Who will play the Ladies final at Wimbledon Championship?

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I am looking forward for the final clash at Wimbledon. As Sharapova easily knocked out Anna Chakvetadze to qualify for semis. Is she favorite to play the final or you think about her other competitors which are Victoria Azarenka, Petra Kvitova and Sabine Lisicki. Please predict about the final match and my vote for the one in final's is definitely for Maria Sharapova and looking for your views about the other. Thanks




  1. shopingg

    I have not said that she will be definately be in finals, i just gave my prediction about the final match and also read my last line where i have mentioned that we have to wait until the matches are played.

  2. How can you say that Sharapova will definatley in final. She might lost by Lisicki in semi and can be out of the tournament. So, don't predict too earleir wait until the final match results.


  3. imran89014

    I totally agree with steve and has the same answer that final will be between Sharapova and Kvitova.


  4. shopingg

    Before talking about the final let’s look on the semi finals at Wimbledon.

    Victoria Azarenka vs. Petra Kvitova

    Chances of Azarenka to win if she:

    1. If she keeps Kvitova moving. Keeping her on the run and playing defense could go a long way to Vika advancing to her first Slam final. If Kvitova is hitting chalk, Azarenka will be content to get into a slugfest.

    Chances of Kvitova to win if she:

    1. If she stays calm; as in that victory over Azarenka, Kvitova admitted she let her emotions get the better of her during the match. "I was very nervous and perhaps that was the problem," she said of her shaky serves. The Czech said she had similar feelings during her quarterfinal win.

    2. If Kvitova can get to a tiebreak, she's sitting pretty. The 21-year-old hasn't lost a tiebreak since March, a run of seven straight.

    Prediction: more chances of Kvitova to win

    Maria Sharapova vs. Sabine Lisicki

    Chances of Sharapova to win:

    1. If she serves well. Sharapova has every edge in the match except the most important one. Her serve is consistent until it isn't and that usually happens during tense moments in a match. Those have been few and far between for Sharapova so far at the championships.

    Chances of Lisicki to win:

    1. If she wins first service points. Lisicki has one of the biggest serves in the women's game. It helps her at Wimbledon; she's 9-2 lifetime at the event and 9-9 in the other three.

    2. This tournament was only Lisicki's second appearance in a slam quarterfinal. Her career earnings are less than the other three semifinalists had in the first six months of the year. No unseeded player has ever made the Wimbledon final in the Open era. Only five women have ever won after saving a match point in the tournament, something Lisicki did twice against Li Na. Despite all that, she hasn't once given off the appearance that she doesn't belong.

    Prediction: more chances of Sharapova to win.

    So, chances of final are between Sharapova and Kvitova at Wimbledon; but we have to wait until the matches are played.

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