Who remembers a group called Japan?

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Who remembers a group called Japan?




  1. With David Sylvian? Not me, I'm far too young! :)

  2. yes, David Sylvian was the lead singer.

  3. Yes, pretentious nonsense.

  4. Yeah. The music was like "bong clong bong ding rustle clong" With David Sylvian kind of quietly dithery-moanin over it. My sister-in-law loved it. Mr Sylvian was a bit of a looker though.

  5. i do! you must be 35+ I'm 40 now and it scares me a bit to think that these fine bands are now just an embarassing memory that we have to ask about on yahoo answers!! lol

  6. I do but i much preferred The Smiths, The Housemartins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Aztec Camera, The Cure, Crowded House, The Pogues and others of the same period......the 80's were great when you looked outside the mainstream !!! Hopefully i'm not alone on this one !!! Cheers amigo  

  7. God they were awful. I had a friend who loved them when I was a student. David Sylvian had a voice like water gurgling down a drain.

  8. Yes hits were water on canvas and ghosts etc...

  9. Yes my dad likes them, I think they are **** jsut like David Sylvian

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