Who else takes paypal payment apart from Ebay ?

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Anyone else take paypal apart from Ebay ? Give me list




  1. There are over 500 merchants that accpet PayPal!  Not too many auctions site do, but does.  If you'd like to find out what merchants accpet PayPal go to

    That is the direct link to just SOME of the merchants that accept PayPal.

  2. This would be just a fraction of them

    PayPal is accepted on more than 42,000 websites, so unfortunately I do not have time to list them all.

    I hope this helps!

  3. I'm not too sure myself but less than i imagined.

    Alot of online stores don't accept it which was a huge surprise to me, they only seem to take cheque, postal order or credit card.This makes it a pain since i don't have a credit card (i'm 17) but i have a paypal account.

  4. I suggest you look on and see what Retailers take them but be warned its a  very short list .

  5. theres some shops like topman and jdsports.  

  6. Here is a directory of stores / sites that accept Paypal

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