Who are the best plastic surgeons in beirut lebanon?

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  1. Guest59661

    Dr. Antoine Khoury is the best worldwide not only in Lebanon. He is a passionate surgeon who loves what he does. Plus he's an honest man and would never take any risk for the sake of money. I sincerely recommend him for whoever wants the best and healthier results. I dont think I would never choose or prefer another dr over him.

  2. Guest45445

    Personally, and especially when it comes to nose surgery, I believe that Dr. Nader Saab is the best at it. I have already tried one of the above surgeons and I had to go back to Dr, Nader Saab to fix everything. Moreover, the hospital is way better than any other clinic in Lebanon not to mention that it is the hospital recognised by the ministry of public health in Lebanon. This is just one thing to prove that Dr. Saab is better than all others.



  3. Guest33682

     I hate Nader Saab.. He spoiled my nose... It looks uglier than before... He made me very sad. He charged me usd 8000 where i thought i pay more i get more... But he is suxh a lier and a thief.. Pay for media to promote him but unfortunately this is our region no trusted media source.. 

    I am planning to do correction now with Dr Naji Abu Chebel, anyone feedback of him?

  4. Guest21537
    without a doubt ,Dr. Antoine Khoury is the best plastic surgeon in Lebanon now.
    I and my wife live in Australia and we were referred by a friend of hers.
    he did a wonderful job. my wife looks perfect now
  5. Guest21505

     Dr antoine khoury.

    I had breast augmentation  and under arm surgery. 

    What a waist of money....

    At consultation i was quoted $5000. By the time i was done i was $7000 out of pocket.

    My breast look shocking and need to b redone. They lasted 3 months then they dropped. I have a lump in one breast from surgery and shocking scars. Nipple area look shocking and inverted due to saging.... underarms look horrible with shocking scares.....what a waist..... what a moron.

  6. Guest21373


    Has anyone tried Dr. Ibrahim Melki.. Any feed back pleasee.....



  7. Guest10638

     I beleive that Dr Nader Saab is the best surgeon in Lebanon. I did my nose job a year ago, and it was very natural. I would highly recommend. 

  8.  Hey

    I want to have a nose job, i live in norway..and surgeons here are horrible, therefore I want to go to lebanon because I have heard so many good things. which doctor should you guys recommend ? and can I see before and after photos ? I hope they do good prices down there. 

    kind regards. 

  9.  DR Elie Nassif is awesome! I did my b***s & lipo with him! Would do any kind of surgery with him again. :)

  10. nader saab is the worst doctor, expensive for nothing

  11. dr nader saab is nt good at all its only expensive for nothing i heard alot about him and i see many operation and personly i didnt like

  12. Where do you work doct Simon Semaan? I'm interested about nose job

  13. Concerning plastic surgery  in Lebanon, Dr. Antoine Khoury (961 3 106 345) is no doubt the only person you should contact.  He's an expert and helps you get a natural look, and his interviews on MTV (with Katia) and several other internatioal channels prove his excellence. 

  14. i am needing body lift surgery and i will be coming from Australia to Lebanon who is a very well known plastic surgeon for this procedure

  15. Dr. Simon Semaan is excellent.

    He came to lebanon like couple of monthes ago, he was in italy and finland.

    i had a noze job and botox treatment: veeeeeeeeeeery natural.

  16. I heard of dr.massoud. he perform nose job on nawal zoughby. where does he practice? can you help me

  17. I am going to lebanon for surgery in 2 months and been talking to 2 doctors...dr nader saab and dr ghazi hajjar. I am getting tummy tuck liposculpture and breast enlargement. Does anyone know anything about dr nader saab? i have heard alot about dr ghazi but nobody ever mentions dr nader saab, he is the one that does it because he is way over priced???? please somebody help.

  18. What about doctor Nader Saab? Does anyone know anything about him?

  19. Has anyone had plastic surgery done with Dr Antoine Khoury ? i am looking to have a body lift after losing 87kg and i am needing everything done, i have been told he is an amazing surgeon but i would like ppls feedback

    His website doesnt provide alot on there and it doesnt show his before and after photos so its kinda hard to assess.


  20. hi

    does anybody see dr ghazi hajjar, what is the cost of smartlipo of abdominal area, who is the best doctor to do the smartlipo.

    thank you

  21. Dr. Antoine Khoury is the worst,

    I saw two nose jobs done by him and they look much worst than they were...

  22. Hi my name is Helen, i`m looking for someone by the mane of Dr. Anthony Eid, if someone cane help me, i would be very greatful.  Dr Anthony Eid is Plastic Surgron, i would need his office Phone No! and Address, thank you so much. My email is

  23. Dr. Ramzi R. Shehadi
    also visit the link.

  24. can someone please email me before and after shots with dr gazi hajjar and dr alkhoury at

  25. Dr Antoine khoury is an artist when it comes to plastic surgury. thanks to him i have a great looking nose.

  26. I had the best experience with Dr ghazi Hajjar !!!!
    He was extremely patient explained everything, even sent someone to pick me up from the airport !!!!

    Surgery was a complete success !!!! Thank you dr ghazi Hajjar .
    J. B.


  28. The best plastic surgeon is dr antoine al khoury

  29. Dr Antoine Khoury is without a doubt the best plastic surgeon  in fiancee had lyposuction and looked great on the beach last summer.
    i would recommend him to everybody who needs plastic surgury

  30. Dr. Antoine Khoury 961-3-10-6345
    not only cosmetic surgery but also a combination between the artistic hands with the knowledge of the whole body, skin and underlying tissues along with their separate and combined healing processes. he performed cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of facial, breast, body features and reconstructive surgeries with amazing NATURAL results.
    he is the most professional plastic surgeon in lebanon nowadays and he is being interviewed on tv in a weekly basis with different channels.
    he did to me a nose job, Im more than satisfied and everyone in my entourage is surprised.

  31. Yeah Dr Ghazi Hajjar is an amzing surgeon in lebanon (beirut)....
    As people commented his website is correct :

  32. Dr Ghazi Hajjar is The best plastic surgeon in lebanon in my book !
    He has worked some miracles for me too !!
    I contacted Dr Ghazi Hajjar in lebanon through his website and he got back to very fast !!

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  34. I did hear about Dr ghazi hajjar, he is the best plastic surgeon in lebanon in my book
    thank you for the website... is a very nice website

  35. If you are considering Plastic surgery in Lebanon, you NEED to talk to Dr. Ghazi Hajjar the one of the best plastic surgeon in lebanon

    As highly trusted Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon in Beirut, Lebanon and has worked some wonders from the first surgery with no need for any follow up surgery!!
    Check out his website or give him a call directly + (961)-01-313-701 at his clinic.
    Just ask to speak to prior patients and you will hear nothing but wonders !!!

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