Which will be a good place to travel at this time of the year in either South or West India ?

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I am planning to take my team of 70 sales people for 2 nights 3 days. This is planned for the 1st week of April. A place with a few activities would br gr8 or else anything else would do.




  1. Actually go to the South West India i.e Coorg. Great place. lot of Activities good for team building and all.

  2. Tourist places in south india :

    Tamilnadu -  ooty, Kodaikanal

    Kerala -  Munnar, Wayanad,Alapuzha

    Karnataka - Coorg


    Choose a hill station to travel in this summer.

  3. South india would be preferable bcoz of the cool and soothing climate that prevails over kerala at this juncture of year..

    so if it was me,..i would prefer to visit kerala..(south)

  4. I would recommend South (Kerala) as I have just come back from there. It will be v hot in April.


  6. You can go to South India and enjoy your trip.

  7. i would suggest you to contact a travel portal like who look after group tours, they would suggest you good place and will make your complete tour, check out yourself

  8. dependin.whether ur group is more of the yougsters or mid 30's dependin on that choose the location....if d young crowd .den goa or bangalore is gd.....oderwise 4 a more relaxed excellent

  9. the best choice is GOA. just go there and have blast othrewise go to naturally beautiful kerala.


  10. this totally depend on the age,wallet size i.e. budget.and where are you situated?

    kerala,goa,sawantwadi,vengurla,ganapat... p**e,dapoli,mahabaleshwar

  11. kovalam, munnar(in kerala) and pabanasam(very few know about it) it is a wonderful place in summer. r u hindu? if so visit badrinath and pabanasam is in tamil nadu

  12. as it is going to be the choose the coolest places like ooty, kodai and places where u can do some adventerous things...

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