Whats Selena Gomez's phone and email what is selena gomez cell number what is selena gomez favorite movie?

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  1. selenas my sister and i know her phone number shes my bestfriend and she dosent want u guys having her #

  2. selenagomez farite movie is princese protection prgrame

  3. Selenas Fav movie is wizards of oz

  4. selena thanks and dont talk trash about her i think she is a nice girl agian.

  5. Her fan phone number is (214) 306-9590 and her email is private.The phone number is real!!!!!!!PLEASE TRUST ME TRY IT AND YOU WILL THANK MEAND I WILL THANK YOU FOR TRYING IT.

  6. why would u even want 2 do that? look. selena gomez is just like everybody else... shes not going to listen to u. shes just gonna say, "I appreciate you", when she really means, "Thanks for buying my albums and giving me money"... just like every other celebrity. srry. :)

  7. guys dont do that its bad and make sure nobody trash talks about me. my number is secret but my fan mail number is out there call when you can!! love you guys

  8. mine is !!...
    wizerds of oze
    and the last is privite hunn

  9. her email is
    but i do not no the phone nuber the email is 100% REAL !!!! cuzz she went on cam and everything for me but shh... keep it a secrite cuse iff you can see it says msn 4 bffl (best friends for life

  10. most likely does-
    not exactly going to expose it,
    otherwise she'd be hitting 'accept'
    && get the same repetetive message.
    i love you,
    i love you.
    your the best- how do you do it.
    your s**y, your beautiful.
    your cute- list goes on

  11. 2143069590

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