What would you do if you and your brother want to marry the same women

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What would you do if you and your brother want to marry the same women?  At all started with a party and then things never looked the same. I met her at a new year party three years ago and thought she was the one but due to my job, i moved to a different country for the last 30 months. When i came back, i made a point to look for her and finally found her not too long ago.
She works with one of the advertising firms in London and has some of the biggest clients. She is not only hot but really smart also.  I ran into her :) and she remembered who i was. We went for a coffee and since than we have been friends.  I recently found out, she is also friends with my brother who loves her and wants to ask her out. He came to me for an advice and i said, never regret your decision - if you don't, someone else will.  I was a very supportive brother until he showed me the picture. Now i'm not really that supportive, i also want to ask her out.
What should i do, should i go through with my plans or forget her forever since my brother wants to be with her also?
Please help, i'm looking for advice from others who may have been in similar situation.

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