What was your favorite cartoon or anime when you were young? ^^?

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What was your favorite cartoon or anime when you were young? ^^?




  1. well it would have to be pokemon i just loved all the little cute cretter

  2. Sailor Moon




    Dragon Ball Z

  3. Cardcaptor Sakura

  4. when i was realllllly little i liked Sailor Moon...DBZ...Digimon...Pokemon...stuff like that! xD

  5. dragon ball /z/gt

  6. Sailor Moon.

    Although I didn't

    know wtf was going

    on half of the time.

  7. fave cartoon as a kid was the flintstones and i still love it!!!

  8. Young huh....

    Ah i strarted in 5th grade so i was watching INUYASHA

    ^.^ he he  

  9. sailor moon and pokemon :P

  10. i think it would probably be DBZ, cowboy bebop, and outlaw star.  i had too many i liked

  11. Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi

  12. When I was younger, Pokemon was definately my favorite. I was obsessed, i'm not anymore though. ^^

    Also, I loved spongebob, but again, I kinda got sick of it

  13. when i was younger, my favourite cartoon was pokemon ^^;; (its not anymore, obviously XD)

    i also liked sailor moon and digimon, though i didnt understand the plot as much for those two.

    and yu-gi-oh, because everyone else thought it was cool. XD (didnt understand this one much either.. but somehow i was still obsessed over it. =__=)

  14. Haha.

    Both my favourite cartoon and favourite anime are STILL my favourites.

    Anime: Naruto.

    It was the first one I started watching and I still love it.

    Cartoon: Spongebob.

    Yes, I'm 16....yes, I watch spongebob. WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT!?!?!?!


    You can't help but love that little sponge.

  15. pokemon, winnie the pooh and the aristocats! :P

  16. Inuyasha

    fruit basket


    Tokyo mew mew

    I'm still a kid

  17. Definitely Sailor Moon and DBZ (^_^)

  18. pokemon like a huge proportion of the little kids during the 1990s.But the first anime I got hooked excluding pokemon was gundam at the age

    7 I didn't know what the heck an anime was all I knew was there is no show better than people piloting robot and fighting against each other


  19. Saint Seiya,  when I was a kid I had posters all over my room.

    Watched the anime all the time, yeah good times.

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