What to bring to costco interview?

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I'm 18 and currently a high school senior. I have applied to Costco, and i have appointment tomorrow. I have already filled out resume on costco website. So is there anything specific that i have to bring to the interview?




  1. just be prepared to answer some of the dumbest questions in the world, youll know what im talking about tomorrow, i remember a question like what was an example of a time where you had to help 2 costumers in a nice manor?

  2. For a non-management level position, you probably don't need to bring anything other than yourself (with neat hair and wearing clean clothes) and your identification. Eye contact and a firm handshake will probably help you the most- and it probably wouldn't hurt to take a look at their website. Chances are if they want you to bring something specific, they'll ask for it.

  3. Be sure that you look at their website to understand the company history, mission statement, corporate philosophy, size, current financial situation, growth plans.  By the way, did you know that the president of COSTCO, limits his own income to about 300K a year.  That may sound like a lot, but in today's world most CEO's are very greedy.  Also, saw a thing on one of the news shows last year about him that showed him at a store visit.  He was putting up stock.  Both of the items I mentioned about the CEO I read a year or so ago, so you may need to confirm that as well.  

    Also be prepared to tell them why you will be an asset to their organization and make sure they know that you are not afraid of work.  Retail is all about customer service.  Make sure you smile, are prompt, and positive.  Above all else, before you leave, specifically  ASK for the job.  Before nightfall, mail a letter to the person that interviewed you thanking him/her for their consideration.  Tell them again that you want the job and are looking for to the opportunity to be a part of their "TEAM"

    Good Luck !!  I understand that COSTCO is a well run organization.

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