What three qualities constitutes a great leader?

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What three qualities constitutes a great leader?




  1. Compassion for mankind. only then will they understand the real circumstances of those who are falling under.

    Strength to stand when all else is falling around them.

    Intelligence to make the right decision, even if it is the wrong one.

  2. in my opinion, confidence, intelligence, and the ability to listen to other peoples opinions and take them into account while making a decision makes someone a great leader.


  3. They have usually been people of intelligence with an incisive grasp of a situation, and the ability to put their case to those that mattered most, whether these were barons, Parliament, Congress, their generals, the media or the revolutionary masses.

    These three qualities show up down the ages in leaders such as Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Washington, Napoleon, Lincoln, Lenin, Hitler and Churchill - heroes and villains alike, they all show these three traits.

  4. The same three that made Odysseus a great leader-

    1. Clever

    2. Brave

    3. Facing challenges in a way no person ever could

  5. Intelligence, charisma, and the ability to delegate because of trust in others.

    You didn't say a good or bad great leader because these qualities apply to both.

  6. Humility, principles and communication skills

  7. patience/commitement, confidence, communication

  8. power , brain ,and popularity.

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