What should i invest my $500-1000 in?

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i am a college student that has some money to play around with. im very interested in investing my money to make money over a few years, where would you recommend i put my money??




  1. If you are planning to invest your money for few years, I think you should invest in ETFs. You can invest in ETFs that track down indexes such as dow jones, S&P 500. They are diversified, so you don't have to manage your profolio. The price for those ETFs are quite low right now. Over a few years, you should gain a decent return. Also, the transaction cost is pretty low for ETFs too.  

  2. Invest in Mutual Funds: These funds are a type of security that can be traded on the stock market, allowing shareholders to buy and sell shares in the funds. The revenue generated by purchase of shares is used by mutual fund manager to buy more shares of specific stocks, bonds, and other market securities and money market instruments.

    Since the prices of the stocks, bonds, and other securities held by the mutual fund vary, the value of the fund changes. The average value of every share of the mutual fund is fixed daily based on the total value of the underlying securities held by the fund.

    This involves the shareholders of a mutual fund directly with their investment as against those who just buy individual securities and observe as the prices fluctuate

  3. Very wise to invest, not many do and all wish at some point that they would've, so congrats on making the decision! I recommend an online brokerage firm that has good beginner qualitys {like tutorials or an easy to understand set up}, i use zecco, better then schwab, etrade, etc. they are the only ones with free stock trades, no minumums..all the others will charge you fees for trading, but compare and see for yourself. Good luck and happy investing!

    ps, you cant beat mutual funds for safety!

  4. a CD (certificate of deposit).

    I don't think you should invest it in the stock market, because you'll probably lose money rather than make money.

    And in my opinion, you should have at least 5000 dollars before you invest in the stock market.

    Another opinion - just saving 1000 dollars, even if you don't get much interest, is the best thing to do.

    Because if you don't have the money tied up in a CD, you will just spend it on beer and nachos and taco bell.

  5. i think, you can try overnight income investment. it more simple, workable, profitable and no risk investment. actually, your money will work for you, even while you sleep, and you get your first overnight income. your money grow daily.

  6. It depends on how much risk you are willing to take.  If you are looking for the possibility of high returns, then you can certainly look into stocks.  However, if you are a bit conservative, you might want to look into mutual funds or ETFs.  Before you make your choice, I highly recommend you to do a lot of research and learning on your own.  Read some books and check out some online tutorials.  My favorite web resource is Investopedia ( ).

    After you decide on what to invest in, you will need to open a brokerage account.  Since you do not have a lot of money, I would suggest you open an account with an online discount broker because they tend to be a lot cheaper than full-service ones.  I currently use Firstrade ( ).  They are cheaper than big name brokers such as Etrade, Scottrade, Ameritrade, and Schwab.  In addition, they do not have any minimum deposit requirements.  For example, even if you wanted to open account with Etrade, you wouldn't be able to because they require a minimum of $1,000 to open an account.  I've with Firstrade for quite awhile now and I've had no problems with them so far.  I would definitely recommend them to you.

  7. AAPL stock.

  8. How about this one.

    Minimum invest is $1,000 with 12 weeks guarantee.

    You do not make money after 12 weeks, the owner will pay you back the same amount of $1,000.

    The best of all, the method is FREE.

  9. I think you should use 1/4 of the money to play with and the rest should be yours to keep if financial problems arise in the future.

    Just because its extra cash doesn't mean it is wise to play around with.

    I wish I were you right now, then i would be able to buy some d**n food! Im SOOO Hungry!!! =] LOL

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