What makes a breeding horse a foundation horse?

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I see horses for sale advertised as 'foundation' breeding stock, what does this mean?





    This website may explain it for you on Quarter Horses....

    Foundation QH's have a very limited amount of TB blood in their backgrounds...if any.

  2. foundation goes back to the original horses of that breed.

  3. I believe it is that they are directly related to the original and influential horses of that breed. For instance, with Quarter Horses, some of these:

  4. In additio to what the first person said.  They are horses, like QH, that you can easily trace their lines and they are prime examples of what that breed should be and are prominant Studs.  Like in pure QHs, you see Poco Beuno, Sonny D Bar, Impressive(not the best), amoung others.  Zippo Pine Bar

  5. foundation is when you can directly trace a horses ancestory back to the main sires of the breed, for example in quarter horses, poco bueno, king, impressive, and wimpy. you get the horses 'foundation percentage' by adding up all of the percentages of the horses ancestors to the 11th generation, so if you have a horse on your ranch and you can trace them back to the 11th generation in your stud book, then they are 100% foundation, my main training mare is 97%

  6. I breed foundation quarter horses, they establish the percentage of foundation by figuring the percentage of registered qh's up to the 11th generation. I think other breeds work in the same or similar way. If your horse has all horses up to the 11th generation registered in the same stud book, then they are 100% foundation.

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